This Sunday in worship: Two services 

October 26, TWO SERVICES at 8:30 & 11:00a: Stewardship Dedication Sunday—Rev. Chandler Stokes preaching on Scripture & the Holy Spirit: “How Do I Work This?” This Sunday we remember again the little boy telling his brother: "No one has ever seen God; that’s what Jesus is for!” Now, we ask, “Well then, how do we see Jesus?” By “Scripture and the Holy Spirit” is the short answer; it’s not the complete answer, but it’s a good starting place.

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(Background photo courtesy of Jen Kroll)

A new roof for the generations

This winter, spring, and summer, we are repairing the roof over our sanctuary, installing historical 90-year slate shingles and reinforcing the underlying structure to ensure its integrity for generations to come. We invite you to follow our progress regularly as work continues.

Details on our roof project page

Rev. Jen A. Porter called to be Associate Pastor

On Sunday, September 14, 2014, Rev. Jen A. Porter was unanimously approved as Associate Pastor by the congregation of Westminster Presbyterian Church. Rev. Jen Porter comes to us from Spring Lake Presbyterian Church, a 500-member congregation in our Presbytery, where she has served as Associate Pastor. In that role, she has served as a generalist, with significant experience in both pastoral care and mission. She is a graduate of Hope College and Western Theological Seminary.  

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Absolutely everyone is welcome

Westminster seeks to be a Christian community. To us, being Christian means that we welcome everyone, just as Christ did. Absolutely everyone.

A core part of Grand Rapids for 153 years

Our church has been part of Grand Rapids since 1861. Over those 153 years, we’ve built a summer camp, a senior care facility, low-income housing, a community food pantry, a downtown childcare facility, and more. We’re committed to serving Grand Rapids and loving our neighbors.

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