Easter at Westminster

Absolutely everyone is welcome at Westminster for Easter. We don’t presume you to be Christian or have any religious affinity whatsoever; we only hope to provide you with a welcoming space on Easter to worship and encounter God.

  • EASTER SUNDAY is April 20: Worship at 8:30a and 11:00a. “Love That Never Lets Go,” a sermon by Rev. Chandler Stokes on John 20:1–11, with music by the Sanctuary Choir and Brass at 8:30a, and the Sanctuary and children’s choirs, brass, and timpani at 11:00a.

The 11:00a service on Easter Sunday is usually very full. Additional worship seating with high-definition video will be available in our chapel.

If you’re visiting us for the first time, check out our visitors section and our directions and parking information.

(Background photo courtesy of Jen Kroll)

Absolutely everyone is welcome

Westminster seeks to be a Christian community. To us, being Christian means that we welcome everyone, just as Christ did. Absolutely everyone.

A new roof for the generations

This winter, spring, and summer, we are repairing the roof over our sanctuary, installing historical 90-year slate shingles and reinforcing the underlying structure to ensure its integrity for generations to come. We invite you to follow our progress regularly as work continues.

Details on our roof project page

Rev. Chandler Stokes on the Michigan same-sex marriage ruling

From Rev. Chandler Stokes, senior pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church:

In light of Judge Bernard Friedman’s ruling, I thought it would be important for you to know my view of same-sex marriage. Back in 2010, I delivered a rather thorough account of my theological understanding. In short it is this:

“In the public debate over marriage, it’s as if we have con­fused the treasure with the earthen vessel. ‘Heterosexual marriage is a vessel; the real treasure is the steadfastness and fidelity of love. We bless the vessel, because it holds the treasure… We bless the treasure rather than elevating the clay pot to ultimacy.

“We bless love, respect, mutuality, accountability, joy, and compassion. These qualities point beyond our human frailties to God’s relationship with us. That is the stand­ard, the ultimate covenant to which we aspire in all our relationships. The church should bless and encourage covenantal, faithful relationships wherever they may be found.”

I am deeply grateful that the way appears to be opening for LGBT couples to seek the legal blessing of marriage in the State of Michigan. May all who already enjoy that blessing be mindful of the privilege and honor it.

Read the blog post Listen to the 2010 sermon

Read our 2008 Ordination Task Force report

Congregational mission inventory survey

In our emphasis on mission, we stress participation, rather than patronage, in our mission work. This vision of participation begins with a simple discernment of our expertise and values, and an invitation to those around us to join us in our passions—even as we develop new ones. 

With that in mind, will you to please take time to complete our Congregational Mission Inventory Survey? It’s a brief, open-ended questionnaire that allows you to express how you might like to participate in mission.

Click here to take the survey

A core part of Grand Rapids for 153 years

Our church has been part of Grand Rapids since 1861. Over those 153 years, we’ve built a summer camp, a senior care facility, low-income housing, a community food pantry, a downtown childcare facility, and more. We’re committed to serving Grand Rapids and loving our neighbors.

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