This Sunday in Worship: One Service

May 24, 2015: Please note, everyone, that we move to one worship service at 10AM this Sunday! It is Pentecost and we will explore one of the essential gifts of the Holy Spirit—hope. My colleague Tom Are writes: “We hope for a life that we have never seen in ourselves, but we have seen in Christ.” It is a profound hope, rooted in our trust and confidence in God’s promise. Join us at … 10AM! on Sunday, May 24.

AND at We will conduct worship at 10am at Camp Henry as well. Rev. Jen Porter preaching, Rev. Dave Baak assisting, and the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper. If you’re up that way, please join us!

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(Background photo courtesy of Jen Kroll)

Absolutely everyone is welcome

Westminster seeks to be a Christian community. To us, being Christian means that we welcome everyone, just as Christ did. Absolutely everyone.

Mission does, indeed, matter at Westminster.

We believe we were sent here to do what God has called us to do.  This is our mission as a church.  It is what matters most of all.  We believe that mission is what we do for people outside the walls of our sanctuary and that is at the core of our capital campaign, MissionMatters.  For more information:


MissionMatters Homepage

A core part of Grand Rapids for 153 years

Our church has been part of Grand Rapids since 1861. Over those 153 years, we’ve built a summer camp, a senior care facility, low-income housing, a community food pantry, a downtown childcare facility, and more. We’re committed to serving Grand Rapids and loving our neighbors.

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