This Sunday in Worship: Two Services

November 30, Two services at 8:30a and 11:00a - "The Luminous Dark" This Advent we will be exploring the gifts in the darkness, as well as in the light. We will begin with darkness, which is never far from us when we are paying attention to the hurt of the world or the hurt within our own souls. And we will also explore the glimmering gifts of light as the season progresses.

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A Life Given By God - Stewardship 2015

Stewardship—this care-taking, this using ourselves well—is an essential part of responding to Jesus, an essential part of being Christian. Stewardship is about how we use our gifts well. 
This year our Stewardship theme is A Life Given By God. Two our our members (Roger Nelson & Paul Karsten) and I have written to the congregation about what Westminster means to us. Here are the links to those letters.

Roger Nelson Paul Karsten Rev. Chandler Stokes

As you have heard on Sunday mornings and as you can read in the letters linked above, pledging is how we make responsible plans for Westminster's future. We invite you to be a part of those plans! If you haven't already sent in or carried in your pledge for Westminster's ministry in 2015, you may do so online through the following link:

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Thank you for your amazing and faithful support of Westminster's work.

Rev. Jen A. Porter called to be Associate Pastor

On Sunday, September 14, 2014, Rev. Jen A. Porter was unanimously approved as Associate Pastor by the congregation of Westminster Presbyterian Church. Rev. Jen Porter comes to us from Spring Lake Presbyterian Church, a 500-member congregation in our Presbytery, where she has served as Associate Pastor. In that role, she has served as a generalist, with significant experience in both pastoral care and mission. She is a graduate of Hope College and Western Theological Seminary.  

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Christmas Concert at Westminster

  • Sanctuary Choir, Kirk Singers, and Orchestra
  • Sunday, December 7th at 7:00 p.m.
  • Selections from Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten
  • Christmas Carol Settings by Stephen Paulus, John Ferguson, and Bob Chilcott
  • Accompaniment by orchestra and harp
  • Traditional carols sung by the congregation
  • Freewill offering. Child care provided

Absolutely everyone is welcome

Westminster seeks to be a Christian community. To us, being Christian means that we welcome everyone, just as Christ did. Absolutely everyone.

A core part of Grand Rapids for 153 years

Our church has been part of Grand Rapids since 1861. Over those 153 years, we’ve built a summer camp, a senior care facility, low-income housing, a community food pantry, a downtown childcare facility, and more. We’re committed to serving Grand Rapids and loving our neighbors.

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