Job Description: Youth Ministries Coordinator
Westminster Presbyterian Church
47 Jefferson Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Interested candidates should send a résumé and cover letter to Kyle Nolan at kylen@wpcgr.org.

The Youth Ministries Coordinator (YMC) is a part-time position that supports Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Youth Ministries by implementing the Youth Ministry Vision under the guidance of the Minister to Youth. This takes place as the YMC facilitates the execution of programs for students, and empowers and guides the activities of the youth ministry leaders.

This position is intended to serve the dual purposes of:

  1. Developing the skills and competencies of the YMC named in the Descriptions and Responsibilities section of this document.
  2. Providing the necessary support to the leaders of Westminster Presbyterian Church’s youth ministries to build relationships with and minister to the youth of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Descriptions and Responsibilities

Result 1: The YMC has focused on creating opportunities for the leaders of the youth ministry to get to know the youth and their families while keeping the Minister to Youth apprised of any pastoral concerns.
Result 2: The YMC has participated weekly in youth group, organizing and delegating tasks to leaders in a timely manner.
Result 3: The YMC has worked to become increasingly effective in communicating the essentials of the Christian faith to youth, particularly in its Presbyterian expression.
Result 4: The YMC has assisted the Minister to Youth and Their Families with all monthly Youth Ministry Leadership Team meetings.
Result 5:  The YMC has developed a monthly plan for all on-site Sunday evening youth ministry activities, seeking input and final approval from the Minister to Youth.
Result 6: The YMC has guided the successful implementation of the plans for engaging weekly programs developed at each monthly Youth Ministry Leadership Team meeting.
Result 7: The YMC has arranged for and attended all weekly prayer breakfasts during the program year, encouraging a welcoming and consistent atmosphere for youth and volunteers.
Result 8: The YMC has communicated all program information and delegated all tasks for the following Sunday’s youth programming to the leaders by Wednesday of each week.
Result 9: The YMC has met weekly with the Minister to Youth to evaluate youth ministry effectiveness, discuss pastoral care concerns, and plan for future youth ministry programming.
Result 10: The YMC has participated in a monthly team meeting with the youth ministry staff to evaluate youth ministry effectiveness, discuss pastoral care concerns, and plan for future youth ministry programming, including the coordination of middle school and high school ministries.
Result 11: The YMC has attended occasional meetings of the Youth Committee by invitation of the Minister for Youth.
Result 12: The YMC has ensured that all material needs are present for all programs for which he/she is primarily responsible.
Result 13: The YMC has worked with the rest of the youth ministry staff and youth ministry lay leaders to develop engaging themes and programming for retreats and other special events that cultivate the empowerment of lay leaders and excellent pastoral and educational ministry to youth.
Result 14: The YMC has worked with the Minister to Youth and Youth Committee to identify, recruit, and determine appropriate roles for adult lay leaders.
Result 15: The YMC has worked with the Minister to Youth and Youth Committee to identify, recruit, and empower youth to embrace leadership in both formal and informal roles within the youth ministry.
Result 16: All first-time visitors have received exceptional and timely follow-up so that all youth who desire to become a part of the youth ministry have been actively welcomed and invited to participate.
Result 17: The leadership skills of the YMC have been strengthened and developed through weekly meetings with the Minister for Youth,  monthly Youth Ministry Staff meetings and regular training opportunities planned by the Minister for Youth and the Youth Committee.
Result 18: The YMC has consistently attended Sunday worship, helping to maintain an integrated relationship between the youth ministry and the worshipping life of the whole congregation.


Bachelor’s Degree preferred
Flexible schedule
Some formal theological education is a plus.

Special Talents, Skills Preferred: A teachable spirit with emerging traits and skills in organization, self-motivation, self-differentiation, written and oral communication, teaching, consensus-building, team leadership, administrative skills and the ability to meet deadlines, along with a commitment to further developing these traits and skills.

Spiritual Gifts: The following represent gifts that may be developed while the Youth Ministries Coordinator serves in this position: Administration, discernment, leadership, teaching, hospitality.

Team Composition: 3

Time Commitment: Approximately 15 hours per week during the program year can be expected, plus additional hours for participation in weekly confirmation meetings, seasonal retreats and 1-2 trips during summer vacation or spring break.