Job Description for Associate in Children’s Ministries

The person in this position will provide organizational support for the educational programs ministering to and with children and their families, schedule and train some volunteers and teach in the programs as necessary.  This is a part-time position averaging  10-12 hours a week during the program year (late August through May) with the expectation that 4 of those hours will be on Sunday mornings (8:15am to 12:15pm). 

Summer hours (June, July and first 2 weeks of August) are coordinated with the MC&F so someone is on call for Sunday mornings to step in for an absence in the Nursery, Nurturing Center or Worship Center.  Summer hours will total 2-4 hours a week at most.

*Responsibility for keeping meeting rooms ready for action.

  • Monitor, order and distribute basic supplies (glue, markers, paper, etc.)
  • Aid in the gathering of special supplies and outfitting the Workshop Rotation rooms for each monthly unit. 
  • Weekly monitoring of the Worship Center rooms with the goal of keeping story trays in order, response materials ready and generating ideas for Response Time Idea Files.

*Oversee Nurturing Center

  • Recruit, train and schedule Leaders and Assistants
  • This will include training and supervision of Youth Assistants in addition to the parent volunteer assistants.
  • Copy and send out plans/support materials as necessary
  • Monitor and maintain the Leader Box (prep of materials needed for lessons)

*Oversee Nursery – for Sunday morning and special worship services only

  • Head the Children’s Ministries sub-committee that interviews and hires paid staff
  • Train and supervise paid staff people (scheduling will be done by the Nursery Supervisor who is also the point person on Sunday morning)
  • Monitor nursery use by members, communicate with new families and keep the roster of volunteers current
  • Schedule volunteer assistants (parents, congregation members at large and, possibly, a team of middle and/or high school aged helpers)
  • Monitor supplies and toys and order/stock as needed
  • Recruit and schedule staff for evening or special worship services

*Aid in the promotion and explication of programs for children and families

  • Help with newsletters, bulletin boards, displays, banners, etc.
  • Help to recruit and oversee a library committee

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Nancy Greidanus at nancyg@wpcgr.org