Westminster Presbyterian Church

Minister for Mission

This is a full-time, program staff position in mission at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids with primary responsibility for facilitating the implementation of the congregation’s vision to increase face-to-face participation for Westminster and community members in mission.  The key phrase that guides this position is “participation not mere patronage.” This will involve developing and implementing a strategy for the best use of human and financial capital with organizations in support of the congregation in its service in the larger Grand Rapids and global community.  The central mission of Westminster that connects with this staff role includes:

Westminster Presbyterian Church seeks to serve God and others joyfully by:

Discerning and supporting our collective and individual calls to faithfulness
Stewarding our resources, including those of time, money and Creation;
Understanding and acting on our call to partnership in worldwide and community mission;
Caring imaginatively for the marginalized, sick, and lonely;
Holding each other in prayer.

  Application Process: For full consideration, please send a cover letter and resume before October 15, 2014 to kathrync@wpcgr.org, or Kathryn Cisler, Church Administrator, Westminster Presbyterian, 47 Jefferson Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Areas of Responsibility

This is a newly funded and visionary position designed to help Westminster become the key place in the larger community for individuals to enter into service through creating transformational relationships with those in need.

Work with and under the direction of the Associate Pastor to develop and lead the congregation’s mission efforts through several mission committees (including Community Ministries, Worldwide Ministries, and Health & Wholeness) and bridging with other ministries and programs (including Justice and Peace, Emerging Westminster, Family & Children’s Ministries, Youth, Hospitality, and our core missions: Camp Henry, WCDC and the Food Pantry).

  1. Promote participation by building relationships with Westminster church members, community businesses and organizations throughout Grand Rapids and helping Westminster become a conduit for their meaningful participation.
  2. Support the mission committees in promoting congregation and community members’ participation by organizing a list of mission opportunities, assist the committees to organize the congregation’s and community members’ involvements, and help call volunteers.
  3. Support the mission committees in providing opportunities for volunteers to reflect on their activity and to support each other.
  4. Raise awareness of the mission involvements of members in the congregation and community.
  5. Assist in providing staffing for mission committees.

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Develop and coordinate mission opportunities and partnerships with the community:

  1. Local outreach programs in Grand Rapids (e.g., Heartside)
  2. Regional and international connections, including mission trips (e.g., Cuba)
  3. Intergenerational mission experiences (e.g. sponsor refugee resettlement)
  4. Mission weekends and overnighters (e.g., Benton Harbor)
  5. Individual and family service days (e.g., Camp Henry)

Salary and Benefitsfunding is available for five years

Starting Salary:                                                                     $43,500
Benefits (pension/medical/dental) approximately:                    $6,400

Reporting and Committee Responsibilities: The Minister for Mission will report directly to the Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care and Mission. There is currently an elder responsible for Community Ministries and an elder for Worldwide Ministries; those are other key partners.

As an integral part of this position, depending on experience and gifts, occasional worship leadership will be included.

Performs other duties as necessary and at the direction of the Associate Pastor and the Session.



Education:                   Baccalaureate degree or comparable experience. 


Experience:                  Experience of interacting in advocacy, service, volunteerism or similar activity with diverse populations (ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, age, etc.) Community organizing,     understanding of volunteer services and issues of poverty.


Skills:                          Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.  Commitment to incarnational ministry and reconciling relationships. Effective oral and written communication skills—ability to engage actively with congregation members; business persons; staff of non-profit and social service organizations; and, neighbors.  Computer proficiency, especially with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Bi-lingual (Spanish) an asset.


General Conditions:    Compliance with criminal background investigation protocol.  Must possess current State of Michigan driver’s license.






Westminster Presbyterian Church

Middle School Youth Director

The Middle School Director at Westminster Presbyterian Church is a part-time position that seeks to nurture the selfhood and Christian discipleship of our youth through faith development in grades 6-8. This position carries mentoring, programmatic, and some pastoral responsibilities. The position is filled by the Minister to Youth of WPC, along with support from the Youth Committee. The Middle School Director shall be the primary director and provide leadership for all activities of middle school age students at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Areas of Responsibility

1.Be a spiritual leader, mentor and role model.

   a. Guide Youth as they learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to live as his disciples, working within the framework of program goals for spiritual development established by the Youth Committee. 

   b. Empower youth to serve others and to work toward a world build on the vision and values of the Christian faith.

   c. Support youth with prayer, encouragement, and training as they seek to fulfill their call and commission as disciples of Christ.

2.Plan and execute youth fellowship, programming, and educational activities.

   a. Work with the Minister to Youth to plan and lead regular and on-going fellowship meetings and other program opportunities, including, but not limited to

◦Middle School Youth Group
◦Youth Sunday
◦Fall and spring retreats
◦Service/Mission projects
◦Yearly retreats
◦Attend and co-lead middle school summer trip
◦Middle school church school

   b. Creatively seek and envision opportunities for special events as well as needs-related and specific current events

3.Co-Coordinate youth team ministry

   a. Work with the Minister to Youth and Youth Committee to identify and recruit volunteer leaders

4.Direct middle school programs of study

   Work with the Minister to Youth to determine workable models for teaching. Preview, select and order curricula, with attention to overall mephasis of youth programs and coordination of topics, themes, etc.

5.Other Duties

   a. Attend Sunday morning worship in order to bridge worship and youth ministry

   b. Attend regular meetings with the Minister to Youth and other Youth Ministry Staff

c. Attend conferences and training events as planned by tthe Minister to Youth.

Hours: Approximately 10/week

If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to Kyle Nolan, Minister to Youth, at kylen@wpcgr.org





Community Food Club of Grand Rapids

Food Club Program Manager

Reports to: Executive Committee of the Community Food Club Collaborative
Employer of Record: Home Repair Services

Job Summary:  The Food Club Program Manager will ensure operation of all Community Food Club functions including staff oversight, member satisfaction and experience, inventory management, and financial oversight and reporting.

I.   Relationship with Collaborative

  1. Hired and supervised by the Executive Committee of the Collaborative
  2. Ex-Officio member of the Executive Committee

II.   Specific Functions

  1. Personnel and Volunteer Management
  1. Supervise all Food Club staff
  2. Participate in hiring and termination process for all employees in conjunction with Home Repair Services
  3. Ensure volunteer participation in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinator


  1. Food Club Membership Oversight
  1. Ensure member process oversight and customer satisfaction
  2. Oversee desk functions including member experience, sign up, and payment of membership fees


  1. Service Coordination
  1. Uphold and demonstrate Community Food Club culture and values.
  2. Oversee inventory management in participation with Feeding America, including ordering product
  3. Ensure merchandising of product including layout, displays, and cleanliness
  4. Ensure financial management including monitoring spending for the funding sources being utilized
  5. Oversee programs/classes that may be developed at the Food Club


  1. Recordkeeping and Reports
  1. Provide information needed for monthly and/or quarterly reports to the Executive Committee
  2. Maintain confidentiality of member information and obtain appropriate releases of information.


  1. Professional Ethics
  1. Understand and adhere to professional ethics and boundaries.
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to better understand other cultures and issues of social justice, and promote racial understanding and reconciliation.
  3. Maintain knowledge of social service trends and provide insight and feedback to assist the Collaborative in development and improvement of services

III.  Qualifications:

Education:       Bachelors degree or applicable experience

Experience:     At least two years experience working in a grocery/retail setting. Social service experience preferred.  Advanced understanding of human services and issues of poverty; experience working with low-income populations preferred.       

Skills:  Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.  Effective oral and written communication skills.  Computer proficiency, especially with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Bi-lingual (Spanish) preferred.

General Conditions:     Compliance with criminal background investigation protocol.  Must have access to reliable transportation.


The mission of Community Food Club of Great Grand Rapids is to be a collaborative systemic response to hunger, promoting food security, consumer choice and dignity for low-income member households.

Please contact Angie Kelly at angiek@wpcgr.org or (616)717-5581 if interested.