Westminster Presbyterian Church

Middle School Youth Director

The Middle School Director at Westminster Presbyterian Church is a part-time position that seeks to nurture the selfhood and Christian discipleship of our youth through faith development in grades 6-8. This position carries mentoring, programmatic, and some pastoral responsibilities. The position is filled by the Minister to Youth of WPC, along with support from the Youth Committee. The Middle School Director shall be the primary director and provide leadership for all activities of middle school age students at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Areas of Responsibility

1.Be a spiritual leader, mentor and role model.

   a. Guide Youth as they learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to live as his disciples, working within the framework of program goals for spiritual development established by the Youth Committee. 

   b. Empower youth to serve others and to work toward a world build on the vision and values of the Christian faith.

   c. Support youth with prayer, encouragement, and training as they seek to fulfill their call and commission as disciples of Christ.

2.Plan and execute youth fellowship, programming, and educational activities.

   a. Work with the Minister to Youth to plan and lead regular and on-going fellowship meetings and other program opportunities, including, but not limited to

◦Middle School Youth Group
◦Youth Sunday
◦Fall and spring retreats
◦Service/Mission projects
◦Yearly retreats
◦Attend and co-lead middle school summer trip
◦Middle school church school

   b. Creatively seek and envision opportunities for special events as well as needs-related and specific current events

3.Co-Coordinate youth team ministry

   a. Work with the Minister to Youth and Youth Committee to identify and recruit volunteer leaders

4.Direct middle school programs of study

   Work with the Minister to Youth to determine workable models for teaching. Preview, select and order curricula, with attention to overall mephasis of youth programs and coordination of topics, themes, etc.

5.Other Duties

   a. Attend Sunday morning worship in order to bridge worship and youth ministry

   b. Attend regular meetings with the Minister to Youth and other Youth Ministry Staff

c. Attend conferences and training events as planned by tthe Minister to Youth.

Hours: Approximately 10/week

If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to Kyle Nolan, Minister to Youth, at kylen@wpcgr.org