Q: How can I get involved?

A: We have many opportunities for involvement at Westminster, and we are happy to help you find a place to serve that fits your skills, passion, and schedule. For general inquiries, please contact Susan Jennings, Minister for Congregational Care, at susanj@wpcgr.org or 616-717-5542.

If you're interesting in learning about short- or long-term volunteer opportunities throughout the city, either for yourself or for a group, please contact Heather Colletto, Minister for Mission, at heatherc@wpcgr.org or 616-717-5536.

Q: Can visitors participate in classes, programs and volunteer opportunities?

A: Yes! Visitors are welcome to participate in any and all activities and events. 

Q: Can I take communion if I’m not a member?

A: Communion at Westminster is offered to anyone, any age that would like to receive the sacrament of communion. We suggest that a parent or other adult assist younger children. 

Q: How many members do you have at Westminster?

A: We have approximately 1300 members.