ArtPrize 2013 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

The annual ArtPrize art competition runs Wednesday, September 18, through Sunday, October 6. During these weeks, thousands of exhibits and artists will be on display throughout the downtown Grand Rapids area, including 18 artists who will exhibit at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

ArtPrize creates an exciting and uplifting vibe in each venue, and Westminster is no exception. Last year, Westminster welcomed more than 13,000 visitors! We celebrate that and hope to build on that success this year. We want members and visitors alike to enjoy the artwork and atmosphere of our venue.

Each year, members of the ArtPrize committee formulate a theme for our venue, around which artists are chosen. Westminster has a theological conviction that the human and divine intersect, and where they do, human life thrives. One of those intersections of human and divine is artistic creativity.

With this in mind, the committee this year called for works that focus on humanity at the point of its intersection with the divine, seeking out works that stimulate the intellect and satisfy the soul. Our artists demonstrate a mastery of their media, hoping to move religious expression in art beyond the literal or the prosaic, and to create meaningful dialogue between their work and the physical space of our venue.

You can see Westminster’s venue page on the ArtPrize website for more information on the artists, their bios, and additional photos of their work.