2015 Sanctuary Painting Project

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Two weeks have passed since the crew from Bylsma Painting began work in our Sanctuary. At this point, approximately half of the work has been completed. Most of the ceilings have been painted, significant patchwork has been done, water stains and problem areas have been sealed and scaffolding has been built, torn down, moved and rebuilt a number of times. Near 90% of the painting on the west end of the Sanctuary is finished and the remaining chunk should be completed within a couple of days. The plan is to shift the pews to the west end of the building in order to make way for scaffolding on the east side. Pat, one of the leaders of the crew, claims that the painting is the quick and easy part. It's the prep work and set-up that eat up most of their time. The crew has targeted July 17 as their final day of painting, but will require an additional few days to clean the area up.