2018 Annual Report & Meeting

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Westminster Presbyterian Church 
Session Narrative Report regarding the 2019 Budget
Annual Meeting January 20, 2019

2018 Final Income and Expenses

We are very grateful to the congregation for completing 2018 with a surplus of $12,633.70. Significantly increased year-end gifts, pledges and “Double December” provided $1,765,004.71 in revenue against $1,752,371 in expenses—both income and expenses were under the 2018 budget of $1,779,840.

2019 Income 

Westminster pledging income has been generous but has remained flat for the last several years, while costs in all areas have increased and some programming has been sustained by Special Funds—designated gifts, Memorial Trust grants and restricted funds. However, for 2019, there is a significant drop in anticipated regular income—nearly $200,000 less than last year. There are several reasons for this, including any effect that this transition year may have:
               Several households have moved away
               Several households have reduced their pledges.
               Special designated funds are ending, as expected
               Expenses have increased for facility, program, and personnel.
               Other factors that we do not know, including changing tax laws or individual priorities.


Session Ministry Prioritization:

WPC has long included many part-time staff persons in such areas as children’s education, nursery, youth, greeters, sound, music, and other program areas. Since 2010 we have added programming in communications (after a congregational survey); mission (with our “participation rather than patronage” focus); administration (adding the executive pastor and mission administrative assistance); and, faith formation (after our congregational study.) The Session used 2010 as themost recent year that provided a baseline in each program area as a way of living into the funding available and of retaining at least minimal capacity in all program areas.

Accordingly, the reduction in both regular and special income will impact program and personnel in  Mission, Communications, Faith Formation and Administration. Current staffing levels are retained in Music, Youth, Children’s education and Pastoral Care since these ministry functions are principally unchanged since 2010 except that Congregational care has been merged with Pastoral Care. 

Impact of reductions to meet the 2019 Budget.

  1. Non-Personnel:
    • The Core Missions have generously agreed to provide budget assistance to the General Fund in 2019:
      1. Camp Henry will reimburse $5,500 for central services and WPC Mission funds will not fund $4,500 for scholarships
      2. WCDC will increase custodial salary reimbursement by $4,000 and WPC Mission will not fund $6,000 for scholarships
      3. WPC Mission funds will reduce Pantry salary support by $5,000
      4. WPC Mission General funds (last allocated for three years to Camp Henry and three years to WCDC) will be suspended: $24,000.


  • NEXT Church funding is reduced by $7,000 in 2019 to $5,000
  • We have made non-personnel reductions in technology, hospitality and professional expenses.
  • Reduction in Communications program functions for 2019 to the most basic internal informational functions (bulletin, Weekly, News and Notes, etc.) to be included, as has been done before, in the responsibilities of the Executive Pastor, within the current .4 FTE assignment.
  • All program budgets are reduced 5% from 2018 levels (Membership/Growth/Development, Hospitality, Education, Faith Formation, Families, Music, Youth)
  • We have increased both Administration and Facilities allocations, but to a level of 2% less than the amounts requested by committees and staff. We expect to review actual costs and make further adjustments as necessary in July, 2019.


  1. Personnel (total reduction by January 1, 2020 of five persons in a total of 4.625 Full Time Equivalent (FTE)*positions  
  1. Eliminate January 1, 2019: 1.0 FTE Custodial position not filled for 2019
  2. Eliminate December 21, 2018: .375 FTE Administrative Assistant 
  3. Reduce February 1, 2019: by 10 hours/week (.25 FTE) Financial Manager 
  4. Eliminate February 1, 2019: 1.0 FTE Mission Associate (.5 FTE Mission Admin Asst/.5 Prog Assoc) 
  5. Reduce February 1, 2019: Director of Communications and Mission to half time (.5 FTE) for four months for web completion and ServeGR coordination. Position to be eliminated on May 31, 2019. (.5 FTE)
  6. Eliminate December 31, 2019: Minister for Faith Formation and Mission (1.0 FTE) 


Staffing Level                                      2018                   2019                                     2020

Total Full Time Equivalent (FTE)*     18.4                    15.3                                      13.8

Persons                                                33                    30                                            28


Changes                                                           Reductions:                              Reductions:

                                                                        -Admin Asst                 .375     -Dir Comm & Miss    .5           

                                                                        -Custodial                      1.0        (as of 5/31/2019)**

                                                                        -Reduce hrs Fin Mgr     .25       -Minister FF & Miss 1.0

                                                                        -Mission Assoc                         .5           (as of 12/31/2019)

                                                                        -Mission Adm Asst       .5

                                                                        -Dir Comm & Mission             .5

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