Adult Education Winter 2014

  Adult Education Education
Thursday, January 9, 2014

You’re invited to join us for conversation and reflection during the education hour from 9:40–10:40a every Sunday. Here’s the winter 2014 schedule:

January 12 • The Story of Jonah—Who Gets to Judge?

The children will begin work this month on their Spring Choir Musical, which explores the story of Jonah and the Ninevites (and the big fish too!). We often think of this as a sort of “kid” story, but there are some major concerns surfaced here about what we expect of God and how we think of redemption.

Leader: Sherrill Vore, minister for Christian education

January 19 • A Church With a Harpsichord!

We are fortunate to have a beautiful harpsichord here at Westminster! Meet in the sanctuary to learn about the history and special features of this instrument.

Leader: Helen Hofmeister, minister for music

January 26 • Discipleship: The Way of Jesus—session 1

We started our year considering what it looks like to be the People of God—what are characteristics that would identify such people? We have claimed and continue to explore the notion of what it means to claim the “people of peace” identity. Over three sessions in the next few weeks, we’ll consider both the comfort and challenge of claiming the identity of “followers.”

Leader: Sherrill Vore, minister for Christian education

February 2 • Discipleship: The Way of Jesus—Session 2

February 9 • Introducing Our New presbyterian Hymnal!

Meet in the sanctuary to learn about how the new Presbyterian Hymnal was devised—and to do some singing! 
Leaders: Helen Hawley, minister for music, and Bruce Klein-Wassink, 2013 elder for music in 2013.

February 16 • Discipleship: The Way of Jesus—Session 3

February 23 • People of Peace in a City with Challenges: Guns, Gangs and Grand Rapids

When we spoke together about gun violence last fall we surfaced a number of questions about our own city to which we did not have ready answers.  This week Mayor George Heartwell will join us to both provide some statistics and certainly, some reflections as to our challenges and our hopes.

March 2 • People of Peace Reaching Out in Community—Our Partnership with first Presbyterian church in Benton Harbor

A panel of people from Benton Harbor will reflect on their work in their neighborhood and the impact the partnership between First Presbyterian Church of Benton Harbon and Westminster has had for that work.

March 9 • Exploring the Culture of Poverty and the Systems that Support It

This is a presentation that one of the members of 1st Presbyterian in Benton Harbor provides for those who come to work in that area. It is a reflective and thought-provoking look at the culture of poverty.

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