An Integrated, Team Approach to Adult Faith Formation

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Search Committee has enthusiastically chosen Rev. Jen Porter and Kyle Nolan to share the Minister for Adult Faith Formation position beginning August 15. This concludes more than a year of discernment by Session and committees as they’ve listened carefully to the congregation’s voice and longings for spiritual growth. Jen and Kyle sharing this position also creates a reallocation of current staff that emphasizes each of their gifts, interests, and experience.

The Search Committee reviewed several applicants, then overwhelmingly endorsed Jen and Kyle’s proposal for an integrated, team approach to adult spiritual growth through the lens of faith formation rather than education alone. Jen and Kyle bring complementary strengths in theological education and spiritual direction, plus experience with missions, youth, and educational models. All of this is enhanced by their relationships built in their years at Westminster. Their joint ministry will be deeply enriched by Jen’s continued involvement in pastoral care and Kyle’s new role in missions.

On August 15, Jen will become the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation and Pastoral Care; her former mission responsibilities will be transferred to Kyle. Kyle will become the Minister for Faith Formation and Mission, joining the mission team led by Heather Colletto, Minister for Mission. In addition, part-time middle school director Jeremy Bork will become our new Minister to Youth. Rounding out the education team is Nancy Greidanus, Minister for Children and Families. The middle school position will be filled by summer’s end.

Unanimously approved by the Personnel Committee and Session, this position is funded by a five-year decreasing grant from the Memorial Trust Fund.

Take the links, below, to read Jen and Kyle’s proposal for the shared position; the MAFF position description; and, the background of this decision. Take the video link to Rev. Chandler Stokes’ sermon on October 23, 2016 “Investing in Love.”

Position Background | Position Description | Team Proposal

Rev. Chandler Stokes, Investing in Love — October 23, 2016