Can we interest you in a trip to Cuba?

  Mission Cuba
Monday, December 29, 2014

We invite you to learn more about a trip to Cuba—we will hold an informational meeting on Wednesday, January 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Marc Bohland, our trip organizer, at 356 Maryland NE, Grand Rapids (just south of Michigan).  The trip is sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian Church, specifically the WorldWide Ministries Committee.  The dates are April 23-May 1, 2015.  Know that all of you are welcome at this meeting, if only for your curiosity and information—no obligation and no immediate confirmation is necessary; a deposit of $150 is needed by the end of January or shortly thereafter for those who decide to participate.  Here are a few of the “basics:”  (And, if you are interested, then it’s also time to apply for or update your passport.)

  • We will travel with First Hand Aid (see for further details) and our trip’s primary purpose is Humanitarian Aid for patients in hospitals and families in Cuba.  
  • But, in addition, this will be an educational, inter-cultural experience because we will have a chance to interact with a number of people, from the families in whose homes we will stay to government officials.  
  • We will also have plenty of time for being tourists—without the constraints that the Cuban government usually imposes on visiting groups, thanks to First Hand Aid’s status.  
  • Finally, this group is being formed within the mission of Westminster Presbyterian Church and we will have a number of opportunities to reflect together on our experience in Cuba and the difference that may make for our faith and lives here at home.

All of which is to say, we know of no better “combination” trip where we are able to both give a lot and receive so much.
The all inclusive fare is $2,835—this includes everything except some lunches, extra evening activities, alcohol and “spending money.” Specifically included are:
Housing in casas (private rooms in family homes)
Cars in Cuba; drivers, etc
Paperwork and program fees on both sides of the ocean
Visas for Cuba
Parking in Toronto
Exit Visa out of Cuba

Deposit of $150 by the end of January.  You may pay the fare in installments after that but you should be ready to pay the remainder by the first of April. 

We are recruiting up to 18 persons to travel, for a  unique combination of service (medical supplies), education, and tourism that is possible only because we travel to bring in medical supplies. This is a Humanitarian Aid trip to hospitals and clinics in Havana and Guines, Cuba and to visit the Guines Presbyterian congregation. First Hand Aid, now in its 16th year, provides medical supplies, family support and a “Meals on Heels” program in one of the Havana neighborhoods. Additionally, travelers will have an enriching cross-cultural experience and enjoy some of the tourist attractions of both the city and the countryside. For more information, contact David Baak at; cell: 340-6782.