Core Missions during Quarantine: Westminster Child Development Center

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Many of you have been asking about how our Core Missions are holding on amid this COVID-19 crisis. We will begin sending out regular email updates on our Core Missions and what is going on.

Today, we will fill you in on what is happening at the Westminster Child Development Center (WCDC). Under the thoughtful and strong leadership of Executive Director Amber Marz-Momany, and in conjunction with their Board of Directors, the WCDC had to make the difficult decision to close its doors in late March. The employees at the Center continue to be paid through the support of parents who paid tuition through mid-April and are now paying small fees to keep their child's space. Some parents are generously continuing to pay full tuition to support the Center even though it is closed! Because of parent tuition payments, resources from the Payroll Protection Loan from the CARES Act, and because the Center has some reserve funds, we will continue to pay our WCDC employees and cover their benefits into the forseen future. Thanks be to God! 

Even though the WCDC has been closed, many of the classes continue to meet with their teachers via ZOOM meetings.  The children love to see their friends and connect.  Here is a link to a few minutes of a Dinosaurs class led by Patti and Michelle held on May 6! You will thoroughly enjoy catching a glimpse into the life of a preschool ZOOM class! 

Also, teachers are posting ideas for families and other fun information on the WCDC Facebook page. You can see that here

Finally, Amber and the center staff are carefully monitoring the Center for Disease Control guidelines and information coming from the State and other entities about reopening and ensuring safety protocols during these days. Please continue to hold the WCDC, the staff and families in your prayers.

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