Facilities Update

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

While the congregation is away, facilities staff will..... keep going! Westminster's building may be closed, but our facilities staff have been busy keeping the building in tip-top shape. Look at what they have been up to these past few months.

  • Repainted the infant room in the WCDC
  • Repainted certain offices and rearranged furniture. (A few staff members have switched offices.)
  • Cleaned and set up furniture in Lynette's new office
  • Organized and built shelves in the garages to maximize space
  • Removed and sold the cubicle that was set up in the Formation Suite, and set up furniture in place of the cubicle
  • Painted the wall and the window trim in the Formation Suite and offices from the window installment from 2018
  • Added a new step for Pulpit for anyone that needs better visual while preaching
  • Working on getting the exterior wood doors on the north side of the gathering place and Narthex refinished
  • Cleaned tile floors


​We appreciate all our facilities team has done, and will do to keep our building running well and looking good!