God in Christ: Incarnation

Rev. Chandler Stokes

Sermon     Incarnation Christ
Sunday, February 9, 2014

A sermon by Rev. Chandler Stokes on Daniel 4:37 and John 1:1–5 and 14. The promise of the Incarnation is not only that God has entered into every aspect of our human living—that God has experienced everything that human life has to offer, all the pain, suffering, and even death—but also that God, by entering human life, has also laid claim to every part of our living. God enters into our flesh and says, “This is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. I cannot live without you.” And then, with every word and gesture of His fully-human life, He touches and teaches and says, “I understand. There is a way.” Our first pastor, in addition to being an abolitionist and intellectual, was a revivalist; he believed that the gospel was intended to change people’s lives. Part of his legacy is embodied in Camp Henry and in our ongoing conviction that God intends to change our lives for the sake of God.

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