Going Out to Be the Church

Monday, March 7, 2016

Linking Lives is an expression of our participation in mission. We go into the world in peace, linking our lives together to help each other through open-ended, long-term relationships. This is how we honor all people.

The logo depicts geese flying together in a V-formation. It's a picture of the shared leadership that has long been the tradition of the people of Westminster.

When geese travel in a flying V, the wind resistance wears out the front goose much faster, so each goose takes a turn in the lead. Ornithologists say the rear geese "honk support" from behind. If one is injured and falls out of formation, two other birds remain behind to protect and support the weakened goose.

Their support of each other is cyclical, shared, and collaborative. Everyone has a role to play. These principles are at the core of our understanding of what it means to link our lives with others.

Linking Lives is about relationships that help us all move more wisely and compassionately. It’s about companionship with the fallen; it’s holding someone's arm just right and communicating, “You can do this.” It's cheering those in the lead, taking responsibility for those we travel with, and facing the wind for the good of others when it's our turn at the front.

Linking Lives is right here. In our city. With our neighbors. And we have to get into formation together—close enough to just about touch wings to make it all work.