Grace: Social Justice

Rev. Chandler Stokes

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A sermon by Rev. Chandler Stokes on Matthew 25:31–46, and ‘God of Grace and God of Glory,’ part of our continuing series on the hymns of the church. Tom Long tells the story of chaplains at a university; one remarked how well the students were doing: “They tutor kids, work in the night shelter and soup kitchen, and protest apartheid.” But another said, “I was just thinking the one thing they lack is a vision of salvation. If you don’t have some vision of what God is doing to repair the whole creation, you can’t get up every day and work in a soup kitchen. It finally beats you down.” Maybe one reason Westminster has not left downtown is that, across generations, we built Camp Henry, Porter Hills, Ferguson House, Dwelling Place, WCDC, and the Downtown Food Pantry. And all throughout that time we’ve sun ‘God of Grace and God of Glory.’ The message of that hymn inspires our mission work—and the vision of salvation and God’s Kingdom that makes it possible each day.

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