Minister for Adult Faith Formation

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Since Sherrill Vore's retirement in 2015, Session has been evaluating our children’s and adult educational ministries. We realized that we needed two full-time equivalents to lead that wide range of programs. With Nancy Greidanus now our Minister for Children’s Ministries, Session has appointed a search committee for full-time leadership in Adult Faith Formation. We ask your prayers as they begin their work.

Part of the session's discernment process included asking Ministry Architects (a firm with whom we had worked on evaluating our youth ministry) to evaluate our children’s and adult educational ministries as well. We found that—from young adults and old, from newcomers to our long-seasoned members—people are expressing a longing for more in-depth exploration, study, and practice in their faith. We are excited to begin to address our congregation's deep hunger for greater spiritual growth in intentional and sustaining ways. We pray that will be a step toward feeding that hunger.

The creation of this position has been considered and approved by the Minister for Children's Ministries Search Committee, the Personnel Committee and the Session. A full-time Minister for Adult Faith Formation position is currently posted.

Then, a search committee was formed under the guidance of Session, and funding for the position is being considered by the Memorial Trust Committee.

The members of the Adult Faith Formation search committee are: Kelley Barr, Jim Bottenhorn, Francisco Calderon, Lara Dengerink-Van Til, Nancy Janisch, Bruce Klein-Wassink, Larry Slager, Kathy Speeter, Amy Strand, and Ed VanderPloeg.