Pledge Commitment Letter

Monday, October 24, 2016

Dear Westminster Family,

Through God’s abundant gifts, this has been a remarkable year for stewardship at Westminster.  Our pledge participation and contributions are being sustained at record levels even as our MissionMatters capital campaign is achieving success.  Your generous, faithful stewardship has flourished as we have responded collectively to the needs of our church and its core missions. For all that, I am very grateful.

Westminster’s pledge process includes long-held traditions and practices that are effective, including providing financial information that is timely, clear and accessible, and remembering to personally thank all who pledge.

Our 2017 appeal for pledges is entitled Becoming Church: Learning Love.  In preparation for this appeal, three goals have been set with direction from the Stewardship Committee, Session, staff and others.

Goal #1: Establish and maintain a balanced budget, an annual imperative.

Goal #2: Motivate the congregation in continued support of our programs, staff, facilities and core missions.

Goal #3: Join in a call of church leaders, staff and our congregation toward justice, hospitality and compassion in our living and giving, supporting lifelong pursuit of our Christian identity through a stewardship lens.

A staff wage adjustment is the biggest cost factor motivating the Stewardship Committee to seek a 2.5% increase in pledge giving for 2017.  Please prayerfully consider increasing your pledge by 2.5%, which is an increase of $25 per congregation member.  If everyone does that, the increase will help us to support our financial obligations and a balanced budget.

Enclosed is your pledge card for 2017.  Please join me in making a commitment to Stewardship and Westminster.  Take time to personally reflect on the importance of Westminster to you and those you love, and respond with a pledge of financial support for 2017.

On Pledge Commitment Sunday, October 30, in keeping with our practice, your participation is requested in one of the following ways:

  • Bring your pledge card, included with this letter, with you to worship.  This coming Sunday you may choose to dedicate your pledges at either service.  A pledge card will be waiting for you in the pew if you leave yours at home;
  • If you are unable to attend worship in person on October 30, please mail your pledge card to the church office in the self addressed envelope enclosed; or

Thank you for your continuing and faithful generosity.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, October 30.

Roger Nelson

Elder for Stewardship