Reintroducing our FASD support group

One of our longstanding commitments at Westminster has been supporting those with special needs, particularly those within the FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) community.

Raising awareness and creating a space of welcome, there are two groups that meet at Westminster: An FASD support group for those diagnosed with or passionate about the FASD community, and an FASD parents support group for those who have children with FASD.

It is with great excitement that the FASD support group at Westminster is getting more attention, and a new facilitator has been appointed! Michele Yaquinto is a full-time art teacher currently seeking her masters in clinical mental health counseling and will be serving as the new liaison for the young adult ministry.

“My desire for this group is to offer an opportunity to share, reflect on, and grow from unique life experiences together,” Michele said. “This will be a place to work on building successful relationships both within the group and the community. I am excited to be involved with this group and would encourage any individual who identifies as a young person with FASD symptoms to join.”

The FASD support group will meet regularly on the third Tuesday of each month, from 7:00–8:30p, in the youth space of the church. The FASD parents support group will meet at the same time in the conference room. Please contact Michele at or 770-329-9563 with any questions or interest in the groups. Parents are free to contact Barb Wybrecht directly at or 616-241-9126.