Sermon: Without Jesus

Rev. Chandler Stokes

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Two thoughts from Rowan Williams drive the meditation this week: One: For most of our time, we belong to groups and societies and to individuals we love. In all these contexts we use the common coinage of words and ideas and concepts and accept the compromise and imprecision of human communication. Nor is this wrong: it is, indeed utterly necessary to us… But it is not everything, and … if we think it is everything, the results will be the grossest hollowness and unreality in our selfhood. Two: In our failure at the level of word and understanding not everything is lost. Through the unhealed pain of [not communicating, while] looking despairingly at each other there can still be trust that there are other levels of which to communicate. There is deep hope and deep honesty in these words, which I hope to unpack for us on Sunday. Join us.

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