Severe and Winter Weather Policy

As we enter into another snowy Michigan winter, it’s a good time to review Westminster’s and WCDC’s severe and winter weather policy—particularly where and when to find information about whether or not church events are cancelled.

Westminster’s severe weather policy

During severe weather, Westminster staff will monitor weather broadcasts to determine the appropriate course of action; assume the church is open unless otherwise specified.

If the church is closed, announcements will be made by the following times:

Day of week When announced
Sunday worship By 6:30a
Morning events By 6:30a
Afternoon events By 10:00a
Evening events By 4:00p

Westminster Child Development Center (WCDC)

WCDC typically follows Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS):

  • If GRPS is closed, WCDC will also be closed.
  • If GRPS is closed for non-weather reasons (inservice or holiday breaks), but the weather is inclement, WCDC may close.
  • If GRPS closes only afternoon kindergarten, WCDC will remain open.

Where to find closing information

Radio and television stations:

Online and social media: