Teaching the Gospel

Rev. Chandler Stokes

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

My colleague Leanne Pearce Reed writes: “’Teaching them to obey’ may sound coercive until we remember what he taught/commanded them: Be reconciled to one another. Love your enemies. Do not retaliate against evil. Pray, fast, and give alms but not in a way that draws attention to yourself. Above all, love God and your neighbor.” There is one of the keys to our teaching. The other comes in our remembering that education is rarely a matter of simply pouring information into the heads of students. “Education” comes from the Latin root educare: to draw out. But, especially in the church we are called to create a context for spiritual formation not merely the passing on of knowledge. So, Ellis Nelson’s point is apropos: Christian education is a matter of catching the aroma of hope in a place and among a people. Come and savor this experience of the gospel as we bless and commission our teachers for this holy work.

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