The Downtown Food Pantry, a core mission of Westminster Presbyterian Church, provides an emergency supply of food and personal care items to people in need while also promoting self-sufficiency through referrals and education.

Open to all, with care and dignity

Westminster is open to all residents that live in the downtown Heartside area. The Pantry provides a 3–5 day supply of emergency food and personal care products to visitors, up to once every 30 days.

Pantry staff and volunteers maintain a caring environment and respect the dignity of all people.

Committed to loving and service those in the HIV/AIDS community

We partner with the Kent County Health Department to provide food services to People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in a ten-county area of Western Michigan. Each month, we serve approximately 35 households struggling to live with HIV/AIDS in a confidential and caring manner with food bank services designed to meet their special dietary needs.

For more information, contact the pantry at 616-717-5581.