In our tradition, the funeral or memorial service is called "A Witness to the Resurrection." The service as a whole is a witness to God's work in raising Christ from the dead and the meaning that has for us as mortals. It is, of course, appropriate to remember the deceased as part of that witness and declare the specific promise of resurrection for them. The service will include Scripture, prayer, and music to facilitate the people's expression of their grief, their faith and their hope. Any one of the pastoral staff is able to help in the planning and leading of funerals and memorials. Rev. Jen Porter, our Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care, and Steve Baron, our coordinator of memorials, have particularly central and helpful roles in the planning and leading.

As part of Westminster’s Pastoral Care network, both advanced planning and immediate planning of funeral and memorial services are available to all those members and friends who wish to avail themselves of this service.

Whether a loved one has died, or you are taking steps to pre-plan your service, there are many options available through your funeral director and many questions can arise in the process of making those plans. Our staff stands ready to assist you in the planning of these services both planning the content of the funeral/memorial service and in providing answers to many of the logistics and legalities that surround death when it occurs.

The promise of our faith is that nothing-not life and not death-can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Westminster Church wants you to remember this promise and know that we are there to be a comfort and presence when death comes.

To begin the process of planning a service, you may set an appointment—free of charge—with one of the pastors or with our Funeral Planning Coordinator, Steve Baron ( or 616-717-5538). Steve is a Licensed Michigan Funeral Director and stands ready to assist Westminster families in their planning. He is available for everything from the answering of questions and concerns surrounding a death, the assembling of needed information and working with you and your selected funeral home in formulating your service preferences.


Our columbarium, pictured above, provides a quiet and dignified location for your loved one. The columbarium can be accessed during normal church hours, or by appointment. To arrange a visitation at the columbarium, please contact the church office.