Confirmation 2015
Pray and Work: The People at Worship

“The work of the people.”: That’s one translation of leitourgeia, the greek word from which we get the word “liturgy, which in turn refers to the structure and content of public worship. Another option is “the work for the people,” that is, work done on behalf of the people. So liturgy can be understood as the work we do in worship, or alternately as the work God does on our behalf.

In either case, this work is done in relationship—a particular relationship between a particular God and a particular people who share both a history and future. Confirmation is the name for the time in which young people are prepared to affirm their baptism into this people. This fall our 9th grade confirmation class will explore the way that ancient and modern worship invite us into this relationship, and what that has to do with our identity and vocation as followers of Jesus Christ.

What: Confirmation
When: Sundays from 9:40am to 10:40am beginning September 27th
Where: WPC Conference Room (through the dining hall)

The 2015 Confirmation class is currently underway. Contact Kyle Nolan at to join or to ask about future Confirmation classes.