Committees at Westminster

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." (Matthew 8:20)


Camp Henry Board

Executive Director: Jake Jacobs,, (616)717-5565

Responsible for vision, strategic planning, fund raising, and policies of Camp Henry. 

Children's Ministries & Family Ministries

Staff: Nancy Greidanus /

This group envisions, plans, and oversees the educational themes and programming for children. They also coordinate family events both for learning and fellowship. They collaborate with other standing committees so that our vision of “family” is inclusive of our entire faith community.


Staff: Heather Colletto /

The Communications Committee develops strategy and goals for communicating the vision and ministry of Westminster through the various media of the congregation and it provides guidance to the Communications team in that effort.

Community Ministries

Staff: Kyle Nolan /

Westminster considers Community Ministries to be any mission work within Kent County. The Community Ministries Committee works to deepen Westminster’s relationships with local organizations and increase our participation by connecting service opportunities with our members and their unique God-given talents. Seeking new committee members!

Deacons' Financial Ministry Team

Staff: Susan Jennings / and Kathy Cisler /

The mission of the Deacons’ Financial Ministry Team is to serve members who seek assistance with their own financial challenges by accessing the Deacon’s Fund and community and congregational resources. This Spirit-filled and supportive ministry empowers life change. Volunteers for this ministry must possess high degree of discretion, as all requests are held in the strictest of confidences.

Facilities Committee

Staff: Chris Bronson,

The Facilities Committee monitors all maintenance items related to the buildings and the grounds. The group makes formal recommendations to the Trustees as needed. Meets the second Monday of every month

Food Pantry Board

Director: Angie Kelley,, (616) 717-5581

In conjunction with the elder, Food Pantry Director, and Executive Minister, you will oversee the financial, administrative, and programmatic aspects of this critical ministry. 

Health & Wholeness

Staff: Kyle Nolan /

We explore the mental and physical health needs within our church and community to understand where Westminster might respond to the needs.

Justice & Peace

Staff: Kyle Nolan /

Our mission is to educate ourselves on peace, justice, and poverty, and to then call people to act. The only qualification is your belief that we, as Christians, are responsible for bringing about justice and peace on Earth.

Membership Growth & Development

Staff: Susan Jennings /

Helps develop and implement programming that assists in the welcoming & education of WPC visitors. Maintains and further develops the connectedness of our members through fellowship, small groups, education classes, etc. Coordinates the Sunday morning greeter ministry.


Staff: Helen Hofmeister /

The Music Committee meets monthly to help envision and implement our Music Ministry, and assist the music staff and various choirs and ensembles which participate regularly in Westminster worship. The Minister of Music provides important artistic and organizational leadership to the Committee.


Staff: Susan Jennings /

New members of the Nominating Committee are selected by the Elder for Nominations and the staff liaison. If you are interested in serving, please contact Mary Jane Lamse or Susan Jennings. 

Spiritual Life & Learning

Staff: Rev. Jen Porter /

Works with the elder and Minister for Christian Education to plan and implement themes, classes, and other learning opportunities for adults. This committee collaborates with many others as we work to help our members find practices that will nurture faith.


Staff: Rev. David Baak /

Volunteer leaders serve with the Elder for Stewardship and are joined by staff to plan and coordinate the annual fall stewardship campaign, encouraging our members to share time, talent, and treasure as we all serve as stewards of God’s resources.

WCDC Board

Staff: Amber Marz-Momany, WCDC Executive Director /

Working with Executive Director and the professional childcare center staff, this body sets policies and assists with fundraising, budgeting, and oversight.

Worldwide Ministries

Staff: Kyle Nolan /

Responsible for Westminster's mission partnerships and investment outside of Kent County.


Staff: Rev. Chandler Stokes /

The group reflects with the senior pastor on what happens in worship and assists in oversight, planning, and execution of worship services with attention to the liturgical calendar.

Westminster Presbyterian Adults

The purpose of the Older Adults Ministry is to provide spiritual, educational, and social opportunities for members 55 years and older. Luncheons are held at church five times a years and a Christmas luncheon at Porter Hills (all at no charge), with a variety of enlightening speakers or entertainment. A spring and fall bus trip to locations in MI, i.e., museums, historic establishments, churches, etc, and once a year pay homage to those who have been members at least 50 years.

Youth Ministries

Staff: Rev. Jeremy Bork /

Responsible for vision, setting policy, and budget oversight of the ministry. Assist with implementation of programs and volunteer recruitment for 6th-12th grades.