Education Schedule for March 2015


Regardless of our age or the structure of our days, it is perfectly possible for each of us to make regular choices and to interact with others in ways that are informed by our commitment to being Christian to others.  We don’t need to be always talking about it! So why might we want to gather for conversations about our lives, the events of the world, our children’s lives, with the specific intention of seeing how our faith weaves through them?  Well, for one thing, there is that interesting serendipity that happens when we talk with others.  Something we say ourselves or something we hear turns out to be exactly what was needed for that moment in time! And we may find that intentionally naming our experiences in the light of the Gospel actually helps us begin to notice more such moments.  And maybe part of “new life” is not necessarily doing something completely different but doing the same thing with a different sense of purpose or expectation.  There is a lot to wonder about!  Come join in the conversation….    

Conversations for Adults about Life and Faith - meets Sundays 9:40 - 10:40a
Join us in the Chapel for most sessions


March 1                 Art and Story in Mission – Westminster Child Development Center

Debbie Bell, artist, is helping us listen to the stories that we share about our core missions by giving them a visual image as we talk.

March 8, 15, 22, and 29    Centering ourselves in Lent

One of the traditional practices of the Lenten season is a focus on prayer —which raises questions for many of us! Does that mean we shut our eyes more tightly? Pray more often, or longer prayers? What is the tradition in our Reformed experience? Practices of prayer and contemplation dating back to the early church, often practiced in community, can deepen and enrich our experience in this season.  Over these three weeks we will introduce participants to some models which we will learn together and can then take home as well.  Join us.


Sign up on Sunday morning for the e-mail reminder, or call or email Becky Wells, 717-5532,

meets 9:30-10:45a each Sunday


“Downstairs” Groups
Our Preschool and Kindergarten groups will observe the Lenten season as they work with the stories of Mary anointing Jesus, the widow’s offering, and the events of Holy Week. 
3 and 4-year olds: Kathy Cisler, Marian Vanderwall and Maria Schoon
Kindergarten:   Katie VanHaven, Carrie Moskol, Deb Larson, Edie Bultman      
Choir:  Cara Hyink (Director) and Lisa Duitman  (accompanist)

“Upstairs” GroupsWitnesses to God’s Presence
This month we will explore The Last Supper, working both with the biblical narratives and with the shape and story of the sacrament as we celebrate it together.  The children learned last fall about the Jewish Seder that is celebrated during Passover and its connection to the stories of the Exodus which we studied in the fall.  They will be encouraged to listen for the echoes of that observance in our own practice of Communion.  Teachers: Heather Lunt, Mike Van Til, Robin Ripmaster, Monica Van Til, Yana Faasse  Choirs: Luanne Barnes, Director