Emerging Westminster

Emerging Westminster

Emerging Westminster is our young adult ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church. We consist of young people (ages 18-40) who feel passionate, determined, overwhelmed, and responsible for the world in which we live in and equally so for the church in which we worship, serve and learn.

We come from different places by different paths and with different expectations in order to find common ground here in community with God and neighbor. We know that our faith and our faithfulness don’t depend on us but we’re both grateful and mindful of what it means to respond and grow in God who makes these things possible. For us, Westminster provides relevance of an active and dynamic gospel in the reverence of an insightful and historical tradition.

Emerging Westminster offers a place of solidarity to the introvert, learning in grace, and a place of challenge for the student, who is trying out church attendance to see if it matters or sticks.  The athlete has a chance to shine in leadership and the volunteer has an opportunity to make friends while she serves.

The former Catholic, the post-Fundamentalist, the curious Agnostic, the denominational mutt, the Presbyterian, and everyone in between can sit down for dialogue and can stand for reconciliation.  We are all interested in beliefs and activities that are sustainable and counter-cultural. Absolutely everyone is welcome. And that’s not up for debate.

Together, we’ve sandbagged floodwalls for Grand Rapids, played rugged games of softball, planted community gardens in Benton Harbor, raked endless amounts of leaves at Camp Henry, biked for beer to Rockford and Holland, served communion at Porter Hills and more—making new friends and learning new trades along the way.

Our time together is meaningful because we can share our opinions, expertise, values, doubts, and dreams. If you’re interested or have questions, we can’t wait to meet you.

Vision statement

Informed by experience and abiding in grace, we are the young adults of Westminster Presbyterian Church. We shall be committed to being faithful in this generation, to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

Interested or have questions?

Email emerging@wpcgr.org

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