Construction Update for August 15, 2016

Though much work still remains in the WCDC, we are starting to think towards the end of the project! 

Most of the grid for the drop ceiling has been installed. LPDA has cut the outer pads and installed many of them, but will need to leave the remainder of the ceiling exposed until inspections can take place. While the remaining pads await installation, HighPoint Electric will begin to hang light fixtures this week.

Minimal mudding is yet to be completed, and many of the walls have already been painted. Most of the duct work is in place, and sprinkler heads will continue to be installed throughout the week.

Outside of the WCDC, a new manhole has been installed at street level. This will bring our building up to the City's code and will provide access to the sewage tunnel that runs underneath our building. Concrete will be poured by the end of the week.

Construction Update for July 31, 2016

Things are going quite well in the WCDC. LPDA has been on site for the last 2 weeks working on mudding the drywall. The bulk of the work has been completed, but finishing touches will take place over the next couple of days. Following the mudding, the crew will begin to prime the walls, and painting will begin next week.

Pleune has been on site to continue to hang vents for the new HVAC system. The work is quite extensive, and will likely take at least 2 more weeks to complete. Following that portion of the project, the drop ceiling will be installed. It will likely, out of necessity, require the installation of a couple of bulkheads to cover some protruding vents.

Pioneer has also begun to think into the work on widening the sacristy door. Pieces of the trim have been removed to color match stain, which will be applied this week. The doors will require approxiamtely 3 weeks of curing time before they will be ready to put in place. The work will take place between Monday and Friday when the doors are ready to be mounted, and will have no effect on worship on the Sanctuary.

All things told, we are still anticipating a mid-September completion of construction in the WCDC basement. Phase 3 of the project, the current WCDC/nursery hallway on the main floor, begins immediately following that work.

Construction Update for June 2, 2016

After 2 weeks of inspections, we have been given the go ahead to continue with work in the WCDC.

Workers have been on site this week, and continue demo work. Twelve inch ceiling tiles that existed above the former drop ceiling need to be removed before the framing of walls begin. Under these tiles, hardened glue pods are being ground off. After the walls are framed, all gaps/holes will be patched with smoke caulk to ensure a one hour smoke rating for the entire WCDC.

Structural steel has been fabricated, and is currently being installed. Meanwhile, we've learned that all doors have been fabricated by SA Morman. Though we're some time away from being able to install those doors, it is encouraging to know that what could have been a time consuming portion of the project is out of the way and ready for install when that time comes.

An additional component has been added to the scope of the work to satisfy the requirements of the city's plumbing inspector. We will be required to install a (minimum) twelve inch manhole to allow for access to the sewage tunnel beneath our building. The manhole would allow hydro flushing of the space, should the need ever arise. The hope is to install it at sidewalk level, but, before that work can take place, MissDig will need to be consulted to ensure that no buried utility lines would prevent that.

During the downtime in the WCDC, other MissionMatters work was completed. The rooftop units that will supply air to the WCDC have been installed and connected to the space via extensive duct work. Additionally, they lifted the rooftop unit above the multi-purpose room and installed noise dampening components.

At the moment, we are still operating with the hopes of completing all components of construction on or by August 28, 2016, but the effect of the two weeks of down time has not yet been fully realized. Please visit our Facebook page for photographs of the construction progress.

Construction Update for May 24, 2016

Pleune Service Company is on hand today to install the new rooftop HVAC units that will supply air to the WCDC following the renovation project. The company will also lift the rooftop unit above the third floor multi-purpose room to install noise dampening components. The duration of that portion of hte project should take approximately 5 hours, during which, the Church offices will be closed.

Walsh Construction will continue to demo all ceiling tiles and glue pods on the ceiling in the WCDC, and the framing of walls will begin shortly after that.

Construction Update for May 16, 2016

Superior Glass has been on site over the course of the last week, and have made significant progress in replacing the windows in our gym. The new windows are much more durable than the old ones, and will not need to be covered by the protective plexi. They look great, and provide a lot of much needed sunshine! The crew will be on hand throughout the rest of the week.

In the WCDC, finishing touches are being put on some of the plumbing lines in the flooring. The inspector will need to come out and sign off on them before any further progress is made in that regard. 

There is a bit more demo work to be done in the area yet, both in the plumbing and electrical realm. Those projects are expected to take a couple of days, and will lead way to the framing of walls, providing that the plumbing inspection passes.

Construction Update for May 9, 2016

The WCDC is nearly unrecognizable at this point in construction, with a couple of weeks of progress under our belts!

Walsh construction has done most of the demolition work to this point, and Godwin Plumbing has been hard at work on the plumbing aspects of the project. They have brought out a saw cutter to cut trenches into the concrete floors. Those areas will eventually house the new plumbing lines. As with any old building, the unexpected tends to rear its head, and Godwin has found that to be true! The trenching has uncovered a sewage tunnel under our building, that while known to exist, had not been mapped or located before the excavation. This minor setback has created a bit of additional work in removing concrete for said plumbing pipes. Additionally, a cistern has been discovered as well as the foundation of a previous building.

In other areas of the WCDC, soil has been tested to assess its load bearing capacity. Initially, the scope of the project called for four areas to be reinforced near load bearing walls. Pioneer has discovered that footings had already been poured in two of those locations, meaning that we'll only need to reinforce the remaining two! The soil test will help determine whether we need to pour a footing, or if a set of helicals should be installed to disperse the weight properly.

Later this week, Vos Glass will be on site to begin work on replacing our third floor gym windows. Each window will take approximately 2 days to replace, meaning that area will require approximately two weeks worth of work. While Vos has their scaffolding set up, HighPoint Electric will begin to run electrical lines to the roof, which will eventually be tied into the new rooftop units that will supply air into the renovated WCDC.

Please visit our Facebook page to find pictures of the progress. Additionally, we will display some of the artificats that have been uncovered in the construciton zone near the MissionMatters table on Sunday morning.

Construction Update for April 24, 2016

Save for a couple of minor details, construction in the Food Pantry is complete! Beginning last week, the Pantry returned to their original home, and operated in the newly renovated space for the first time. Over the next couple of weeks, minor electrical work will be performed along with a couple of cosmetic touch ups.

Phase 2 at the Westminster Campus begins today! The WCDC has been gutted completely, paving the way for Pioneer Construction to begin renovation in that space. Pleune HVAC is on hand and has begun installing duct work that will supply air from the new HVAC units to be installed on our roof. Walsh Construction will also spend the next handful of days further tearing out old finishes.

Construction Update for March 23, 2016

Over the past week we have had some dramatic changes to the inside of the Dining Hall as the crew has begun putting up dry wall. They also have been performing work on the Dining Hall and the Theater. In the past two days the crew has put up the extension trusses for the overhang on the brick patio for the new entrance that faces the A-field. The interior fireplace has been fully covered with its rocks and the ceiling continues be put up in all the new areas.​

On the Westminster campus, work continues in the Food Pantry. The former lighted corregate wall has been deconstructed and divider walls have been built between the storage area and the waiting room. 

Please visit our facebook page for more photos!

Construction Update for March 17, 2016

Walsh Construction began demolition of the Food Pantry on Monday, and made it through almost an entire day before the first (minor) issue was discovered!

The tile floor was removed, exposing another layer of 9”x9” tile. With the suspicion that those tiles were lined with asbestos, Pioneer sent a sample out for testing. The tiles were confirmed to have been lined with asbestos, meaning abatement needed to take place.

Also certified in asbestos removal, Walsh Construction removed approximately 100 bags of asbestos and carted them out of the area. HEPA filters ran through the duration of the process, keeping the area safe. Following the removal, the floors were mopped and cleaned, and all filters were changed, meaning there is no longer an asbestos risk in the Pantry area.

The continuing of construction has proceeded. Electrical work is being performed in the area, and the former lighted wall is being dismantled. Following this portion of the project, a new wall will be built in the area, the walls will be painted, and finally, flooring will be laid. Despite the lost time due to asbestos removal, Pioneer has confirmed that the project remains on schedule.

Construction Update for March 10, 2016

With the warmer weather, the snow and ground has thawed creating quite the muddy mess but construction continue. As the HVAC system installation is coming to a close, the snack shack and main lake side entrance are taking shape, and the chimney's insides are complete. Most of the holes in the building have been covered by windows, roofing, or temporary doors making it feel more like a true building. The inside is undergoing a majority of the work right now but is difficult to access due to the mud and safety requirements. The walk-ins have been installed and plumbing and electric are busy making all the connections needed.

At Westminster proper, demolition of the Food Pantry is scheduled to begin on Monday.

Construction Update for March 3, 2016

After nearly two years of fundraising and planning, Pioneer Construction has provided us with start dates for construction. The project will begin in our Food Pantry and on the main floor daycare rooms starting Monday, March 14. The duration of construction related to those portions of the project will be approximately four to five weeks, with additional time needed due to shipping delays in lighting components. That schedule places April 18 as the target completion date for Pantry construction.

The Pantry will continue to occupy our dining/conference room areas until that portion of the project is completed.  All construction in that area will be completed during the four to five week period, save for a days worth of work that will need to be dedicated to installing the lighting systems, the parts for which should arrive sometime between April 18 and May 1. During that short period, the Pantry will move back into its newly renovated home, and will operate with temporary lighting.

Construction performed in the current WCDC infant room will run parallel to that portion of the project to cut back on moving pieces when the remainder of the WCDC area is renovated. The two rooms down that hallway meet licensing requirements, and will temporarily house the infants and toddlers during that construction, which is minimal.

Following the April 18 completion, the WCDC will immediately begin to move all components of their program that are currently located in the basement into the dining room and conference areas. The dining room will house three classrooms, which will be equipped with partitions to section the individual rooms off along with portable sinks. The adjacent offices will house the Director and Assistant Director and will act as temporary storage. We will have approximately two weeks to settle into that space, with construction downstairs scheduled to begin on May 1.

The renovation of the WCDC basement will take approximately four months to finish, with a target completion date of August 28.

Other components of the MissionMatters campaign have floating dates, so to speak. The portion of the construction related to the Columbarium is being pushed back to mid to late June. The widening of the Sacristy entrance will take a week, and will be completed when deemed appropriate. Work on the third floor will be completed at some point after April 18 and done at a time when it will disturb the programs that occupy those areas the least.

Construction Update for February 22, 2016

Pioneer Construction are working on the chimney and fireplaces, installing the ventilation hoods for the kitchen in the Dining Hall. Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work are ongoing projects. 

Though the theater is not part of the MissionMatters campaign, we wanted to include an update on the progress being made on that project as well. New door frames have been installed along with large hydraulic lifts. New windows have arrived and will be installed in the near future.

Construction Update for February 15, 2016

Progress continues to be made on the Camp Henry Dining Hall. The new roof is almost finished, and  the crew is working on building the new chimney which will include both an indoor and outdoor fireplace. Though we don't yet have a start date, the City has approved construction for the Food Pantry to begin as soon as possible. 

Construction Update for February 1, 2016

The Dining Hall renovation is coming along! Pioneer Construction is working on the roof by laying down the roofing paper, as well as performing work on electrical wiring and replacing the lake side wall to accommodate the new door location and window placement. Work is also being done on the theater.


Construction Update for January 26, 2016

Update for September 22, 2015

Mission(Matters) Accomplished!

You did it, Westminster! You reached a major milestone in MissionMatters on Sunday, September 13 when the fourth-year gifts you pledged brought our total to more than $2,330,000, or over 93 percent of our goal, for Camp Henry, the Westminster Child Development Center, the Downtown Food Pantry, and other improvements at 47 Jefferson Avenue.

The Session of Westminster, at their Monday, September 14 meeting, was pleased to give “the green light” and approved breaking ground this fall at Camp Henry for the dining hall expansion. In the summer of 2016, work will begin on all the projects at 47 Jefferson.

Our consultant with the Breton Group, who has worked with the MissionMatters steering committee since it was formed, notes that “the people of Westminster have accomplished something exceptional by achieving more than 93 percent of needed pledges in such a short amount of time,” just over one year. Usually, he says, a four-year campaign like MissionMatters needs all four years to obtain the needed pledges.

The MissionMatters steering committee, chaired by Paul Karsten and Carol Lautenbach, along with the leadership of Westminster, thanks everyone for their participation, prayers, and pledges for the missions of our church. Please continue to pray for the remaining 7 percent to be pledged, as well as for the work that will begin soon at Camp Henry.

Continue to check the MissionMatters web page for periodic updates on the progress of MissionMatters projects.

Update for September 8, 2015

Camp Henry Dining Hall to Be Named for Don Taylor

“Jake” Jacobs, Executive Director of Camp Henry, recently received a phone call from a long-time friend of Camp Henry who lives out of state.

“We really need to get that Dining Hall expanded,” the caller said.

“We sure do,” Jake agreed.

“How about I help you out,” the caller said, and named a significant dollar amount. “All I want you to do is name the Dining Hall after Don Taylor, since he has done so much over the years to raise money for Camp Henry and Westminster Church.”

Convincing Don Taylor, a member of the MissionMatters Steering Committee, that the expanded Dining Hall had to be named for him in order to receive the donor’s gift took some effort on Jake’s part, but Don eventually agreed. At worship services at both Camp Henry and Westminster on Sunday, September 6 the gift was announced and received with joy and applause—both for Don’s many years of service to the Camp and Westminster and for the donor’s gift, which puts us much closer to reaching the MissionMatters campaign goal to raise $2,500,000 for the missions of Westminster.

After the Dining Hall expansion is completed, a plaque will be displayed that will likely read:

Built in Honor of
Donald E. Taylor
Honoring His Enduring
Passion, Commitment, and
Dedication to
Camp Henry

But work on the Dining Hall cannot begin without your help. Please remember to complete and return your fourth-year-pledge cards by Sunday, September 13. And thank you for all you have already pledged to MissionMatters! As of Tuesday, September 8, pledges have totaled $2,195,000 or nearly 88 percent of our total goal.

Update for August 31, 2015

Update for August 25, 2015

Dear Congregation,

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy. Four hundred pledges from generous Westminster members and friends have raised $2,000,000 for MissionMatters. Together we have reached 80 percent of our ambitious goal of $2,500,000. Thank you!

Equally heart-warming have been the positive and supportive comments so many of you have made about our wonderful church and the important work of our core missions. You have been so encouraging and invested in the success of MissionMatters.

Before we can continue any further work on MissionMatters projects, however, the Session has charged us with having 90 percent of our goal, or $2,250,000, in cash and pledges in hand. They have slated Camp Henry’s Dining Hall as the next project, with work to begin October 1. Approvals need to be made at the Session meeting on September 14. So our immediate goal is to make sure we have at least another $250,000 on hand or pledged by that date.

As we contemplated how to lead Westminster in the final phase of this effort, we received unexpected and most welcome advice on the next steps to take. From long-time members and newer members, from individuals and households, from members in active leadership and those of us who prefer to sit quietly in the pews, the message that came through to us was

  • we want MissionMatters to succeed;
  • we are happy to give more, but we need more time to give; 
  • we would like to expand our gift through an additional fourth-year pledge.

Our goal is to raise at least $250,000 over the next month through fourth-year pledges so that the work of MissionMatters can continue. Please let us know how much you can pledge in the fourth year by completing the fourth-year pledge card you received in the mail and returning it to church by Sunday, September 13. Didn’t receive a pledge card? Let us know and we’ll send you one.

The support for these projects—our roof, our food pantry, our child development center, and our camp—continues to resonate throughout our church family. The more we work on MissionMatters, the more committed we are to see these projects succeed for our church and for those we are called to serve. Let’s make it happen!

This letter is written on behalf of the following members of the MissionMatters Team, Session, and Trustees who, by lending their names, support and endorse adding a fourth year pledge to MissionMatters:  

Rev. David Baak, Linda Bieze, Benjamin Boerkoel, Peter Boumgarden, Francisco Calderon, David Comfort, Christine Dugan, Mark Eriks, Daryl Fischer, Chris Fuller, Quan Gerville-Réache, Barbara Goodspeed, Blair Heethuis, Paul Karsten, Thomas M. Kormos, Jennifer Kotchenruther, Peter Land, Judy Larson, Carol Lautenbach, Jeanne Marshall, Roger Nelson, Steve Pastoor, Rev. Jen Porter, John Porter, Matt Russell, Frank Spies, Rev. Chandler Stokes, Jan Stone, Ruth Stubbs, Don Taylor, Ed Vander Ploeg, Brett VanHaven, and Frank Van Haven

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of MissionMatters, please contact the MissionMatters co-chairs at any time: 

Paul Karsten, 616-485-5297,
Carol Lautenbach, 616-430-3113,

Update for June 3, 2015

We now have a plan for the construction being funded by your MissionMatters pledges, and work is moving forward.

At the joint Session and Trustees meeting on Monday, June 1, the leadership of Westminster developed a plan for the construction being funded by the capital campaign:

Phase 1, replacement of the Sanctuary roof, was completed in 2014.

Phase 2, remodeling and expansion of the Camp Henry dining hall, will begin in October 2015.

Phase 3, work at 47 Jefferson Street SE, including remodeling of and improvements to the Westminster Child Development Center, the Downtown Food Pantry, and the Columbarium, will begin in spring 2016.

Because building permits could not be obtained before July 6, and because construction at 47 Jefferson is estimated to take five months, this three-phase schedule allows all construction to proceed at a reasonable pace and without impacting Westminster programs this fall.

We are now within reach of our goal to have 90 percent of the funds for the projects pledged or in hand before Phase 2 begins. The schedule also provides additional time for us to continue to seek outside grant money, such as that already pledged by the Frey Foundation.

As of June 1, 72 percent of the $2,500,000 goal has been met. With your prayerful support and pledges, we will soon have the additional 18 percent needed to begin construction of Phase 2. If you have not already made your pledge to MissionMatters, please do so as soon as possible. You can pledge online, contact the church office to have a pledge card mailed to you, or pick up a pledge card at church. Absolutely every gift matters.

Thank you for your participation, prayers, and pledges.

Update for June 1, 2015

  • We have received 276 pledges totaling over $1,747,000!
  • We are 70% toward our goal of $2,500,000.
  • Over half of more than 400 households who generously pledge to stewardship have made a commitment to MissionMatters.
  • Follow-up work continues, and we so appreciate the work of those who have committed to contacting members and to those who have returned pledge cards.
  • Session and Trustees meet on June 1 to discern when and how to proceed with the projects. Your continued participation, prayers and pledges are vital to the success of the campaign. Thank you for your faithful support for the Westminster and its core missions. 

Update for May 24, 2015

Did you know that you can place your bid for the MissionMatters silent auction online? See the pieces below and place your bid now!


Update for May 12, 2015

  • To date, we have received 244 pledges totaling over $1,500,000!
  • We are over 60% toward our goal of $2,500,000.
  • Of interest, we have received 36 MissionMatters gifts or pledges from people who are not currently pledging to our annual stewardship effort.
  • Westminster has over 400 households who generously pledge to our annual stewardship effort.  Half of these members have already made a commitment to MissionMatters.  We will be following-up in the coming weeks with those who have yet to pledge.
  • This campaign is tracking very closely to how our annual stewardship effort progresses and this reassures us that our goal is attainable.

By June 1, we will need to make a decision when and how to proceed with the projects for the Child Development Center, Food Pantry, Columbarium and harpsichord storage.  We are committed to proceeding only when we are confident that pledges will support the costs of the projects.  We are hard at work to make that a reality.  Thank you for continuing to pray for the success of MissionMatters.  If you have not yet made a pledge please do so by June 1. (Click here for online pledge form).

"What better way to celebrate 15 MissionMatters events than to roll out a cannon, put on hearing protection, and feel the ground at Susan and Kent Riddle's home in Lowell shake--without any help from an earthquake. 

These are the facts about the photo, but oh what stories photos can tell. What might be a good caption for it? Submit your funny, serious, or inspirational caption by emailing them here."

Update for May 6, 2015


One goal of the MissionMatters campaign is to make it clear that everyone is called to give, every gift matters, and every giver matters. Your extraordinary pledge of any size is needed. Your extraordinary pledge of time and talent is needed.

Perhaps your job has been downsized. Perhaps you’re retired or on a fixed income. Perhaps you’re a student with a part-time job at best. Perhaps your budget is already cut to the bone and you cannot make a financial pledge at this time. If any of these describes your situation, then prayerfully consider pledging your time as a volunteer for Westminster and its core missions. Think about pledging to use your special talent, whether it’s singing, bookkeeping, filing, building, sorting, caring--or any other gift you may have--to help Westminster, the Westminster Child Development Center, Camp Henry, or the Downtown Food Pantry to meet its goals.

Contact Heather Colletto, Minister for Mission, at or 616-717-5536, to talk about what time or talent you can pledge to MissionMatters. Because your pledge counts.

Celebration Sunday for MissionMatters is this Sunday, May 10. Each of us is called to give what we can of our time, our talent, and our treasure.  

Update for April 22, 2015

MissionMatters' Big Dates

You are all graciously welcome to attend the following events:

  • A MissionMatters Concert - Friday, May 1, 7:00-8:15p | Come and hear Karen, Jeremy, Jesse, and Chandler Stokes! They will give an early evening of bluegrass, country, gospel, and a little classical music. Bring your children, bring yourself. Come and enjoy!
  • MissionMatters Lunch - Sunday, May 3 after worship | There will be fellowship, there will be friends, and there will be food. Please join us around the tables for conversations and meals as we gather together for a MissionMatter lunch.

Update for April 13, 2015

A large basement is part of the new dining hall addition at Camp Henry, providing more than just storage space. In case of tornado or other storm activity, campers, counselors, and staff will be able to shelter there—much better than currently is possible.

See the Case for Support for explanation as well as the architectural drawings for the project! Pledge online here.

Update for April 7, 2015

There is still time to attend a MissionMatters party! Please click here to see the list of events, locations, and times. 

Did you know that you are able to make your pledge online? If you aren't able to make a pledge in person, or aren't able to attend a MissionMatters event, you may follow this link to make your MissionMatters pledge on our website.

Update for March 25, 2015

Westminster's new slate roof is getting noticed around the State of Michigan.

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network in Lansing recently notified Westminster that our church will receive their 2015 Preservation Gem Award, to be presented May 15 at the MHPN Annual Conference in Midland. Marcie Beck and Ron Bowense, who oversaw construction of the roof, will attend the presentation on behalf of Westminster.

The Westminster roof project joins prestigious company. Recipients of the 2014 Gem Award included the Detroit Institute of the Arts theatre terrace arcade, the Honolulu House Museum fence in Marshall, and the Tibbits Opera House façade in Coldwater. The award has been presented annually to one or more recipients since 2011.

Ruth E. Mills, chair of the MHPN Awards Committee, commented that "the jury was in general impressed both by the level of craftsmanship exhibited by the contractor, Grand River Builders, and by the sense of stewardship expressed by the Westminster Presbyterian congregation in choosing to carry out a meticulous restoration of such a historic element of their iconic home."

(Scroll down to the March 4 Update to view a video about the roof produced by Grand River Builders.)

She added, "We appreciate how difficult it is sometimes for congregations to commit to such work and we wanted to honor that commitment to their historic legacy and to downtown Grand Rapids."

The Preservation Gem Award is given by the MHPN to "an outstanding preservation project completed within the last three years that includes restoration or rehabilitation of an element of a building, or of a structure or an object." According to Ms. Mills, the award "was designed to recognize smaller acts of restoration or craftsmanship, which can sometimes have an impact that goes well beyond the immediate project."

The mission of the MHPN, founded in 1981, is to "advocate for Michigan’s historic places to contribute to our economic vitality, sense of place, and connection to the past."

Update for March 18, 2015

MissionMatters is gathering momentum! We have already received pledges that put us 15 percent toward our overall goal of $2,500,000.

The Westminster Architecture Committee has engaged a general contractor, Pioneer Construction, to bid out the work called for in the architect’s plans for the Food Pantry, Child Development Center, and other church projects. As a result, the budget now has firmer numbers.

There are some savings. The roof has been completed at a final cost of $765,715, and Pioneer has advised us that there will probably be cost savings for the Food Pantry improvements, as well.

Pioneer has also indicated there could be total cost overruns of nearly $130,000.

Improvements to the third floor of the church, columbarium, harpsichord storage, and building safety, plus architectural fees, will cost more than originally planned.

Combined costs of improvements to the Westminster Child Development Center and the Worship Center will also be higher because of:

  • State of Michigan regulations for child development centers
  • the need to add a sufficient number of bathrooms
  • requirements for multiple entrances and exits to the center
  • the need to meet State of Michigan mechanical code requirements

The amount to be raised towards the renovation of the Camp Henry Dining Hall remains unchanged, as do the interest expense on the line of credit for the roof and the soft costs of the capital campaign.

The Architecture Committee is tackling these overage issues with creativity and imagination by

  • reviewing the scope of the project and reducing the scope in some areas, if appropriate
  • “value engineering”; in other words, finding alternative, less expensive methods to accomplish the same results
  • actively managing the $84,000 contingency fund that is part of the budget

MissionMatters remains committed to not entering into any contracts or beginning any work until we have the money and/or pledge commitments in hand.

You can review a detailed explanation of the revised estimates here.

Now more than ever, every person matters, and every gift matters, so please pledge. You can pledge online here.

Update for March 4, 2015

Our historic slate roof is now in place and functional. Follow this link to see some amazing before and after photos of the project. Don't miss the video below. Michael Rodriguez from Grand River Builders explains the significance of the project to their company, the nature of the work involved and how the various pieces of the roof play a vital role in the functionality of our Sanctuary.


Update for January 29, 2015

Please take a moment to read through the February issue of Chimes. We highlight the impact that the MissionMatters campaign will have on the WCDC, the Downtown Food Pantry and Camp Henry, and much more!


Update for January 18, 2015

The MissionMatters Capital Campaign was introduced during the 11:00a service on January, 18 2015. Watch Paul Karsten and Carol Lautenbach explain why your generous donations are essential to the life of Westminster, the success of the campaign and to the continued success of all of our core missions. If you'd like to ask any questions or find out how you can help, please contact Carol at or Paul at