Absolutely everyone is welcome at Westminster

“As a same-­sex couple who identify as gay, my husband and I were looking for a spiritual home that was accepting of our growing family and our diverse spiritual background. I struggled with subscribing to any kind of faith, and my husband sought solace when he could not find a home within [another faith tradition]. The first Westminster sermon I heard opened with a statement of respect for all on their spiritual journey, wherever they may be.​ The sermon that followed offered insight and respected intelligence, doubt, and hope. As we learned more about Westminster, we saw how we could also give back by joining their work with communities struggling with inequity and injustice. We saw people of faith and action who we could grow with together. ​Westminster is a place of solace, joy, discovery, and acceptance.​”

-Merritt T. and Dennis D., Westminster members since 2015 

Longtime Westminster member Bruce Klein­Wassink shares a moving and honest reflection on his personal journey and how he came to Westminster: 

“One of the deciding factors in my sensing God’s call to Westminster was this congregation’s extraordinary maturity and grace in seeking to be an inclusive congregation. With a hint of pride, they simply said “we are inclusive” without fanfare or nuance. Looking at the church directory, I was overjoyed and overwhelmed with the number of gay people pictured, both singles and couples. ​The message seemed clear: This is who we are.​ We are as God created us—gay, straight, young, old, partnered, single, with and without children. ​We consider our diverse community a gift from God.​ As one member said, “Through our diversity, you can see more of life and truth from here.” It is our hope to bring everyone in our church and wider community to recognize that—to recognize that, in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, gay nor straight.”

-Rev. Chandler Stokes, Senior Pastor 

Rev. Stokes preaches following the historic Supreme Court decision in 2015 legalizing same-­gender marriage. (You can also ​read​ the sermon text.): 

Additional Information:

●  Video: Rev. Stokes on the Michigan ruling on same­-gender marriage (2014)

●  Video: Rev. Stokes on the theological interpretation of scripture referencing sexuality (2010)

●  PDF:​ A Visible Sign for a New Humanity:​​ a reporton Westminster’s discernment process of same­-gender relationships (2008)