Holidays and Weather

The center will be closed on the following days

  • Monday, January 2                      
  • Friday, March 24                              
  • Monday, May 29                          
  • Tuesday, July 4                       
  • Monday, September 4               
  • Friday, September 15                
  • Thursday, November 23          
  • Friday, November 24                      
  • Monday, December 25                   
  • Tuesday, December 26                    

*As stated in your contract and handbook, tuition is charged for holidays and training days. 

Severe weather policy

WCDC typically follows Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) closings.

  • If GRPS is closed for weather, WCDC will also be closed.
  • If GRPS is closed for non-weather reasons (inservice or holiday breaks), but the weather is inclement, WCDC may close.
  • If GRPS closes only afternoon kindergarten, WCDC will remain open.