Volunteer opportunities at WCDC

Male Role Models

Some kids don’t have a significant fatherly presence in their lives. Could you take a lunch break to hang out in the classroom as a positive male role model? No special skills required except interest in the kids and their activities!
Regular commitment at noon for 30-45 minutes

Show-and-Tell Professionals

Kids get asked all the time what they want to be when they grow up. Let’s keep giving them ideas! Share what you do (or did) for a living. If you need it, we’ll help you think through fun ways to show it off to a group of kids.
One-time during the late morning


Do you have a professional talent you could share, perform, or teach? Consider a musical performance, reading a book, teaching a dance or yoga, etc. The (child-safe!) sky’s the limit.
One time or ongoing during the late morning

Classroom Connectors

Don’t fit into any of the above categories but still want to spend time with kids? We are seeking people willing to read, write, or do art with our kids on a regular basis.
Weekdays, sometime between 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Bulletin Boards Extraordinaire

Are you visually creative? Our classroom’s bulletin boards need a fresh new look each season. This task would be great for any teachers or visual artists.
One-time or ongoing; a few hours per season

Grant Writing Guru

Calling all nonprofit professionals! Have you ever been involved in a grant writing process? We have an urgent need for people to seek out grants and write proposals. Your work would be supported by Amber Marz-Momany, Executive Director.
Ongoing; anytime.

More Information

Prefer to be behind the scenes? Administrative tasks like shelving and repairing library books and deep-cleaning toys are also available. Occasional field trip chaperones also needed. All volunteers working with children must pass a background check.

To learn more, contact Heather Colletto, Minister for Mission, at heatherc@wpcgr.org or 616-717-5536.