Two-year-olds are building on all the knowledge they have obtained over the last couple of years. This tends to make them very curious about everything. You may have noticed that much of your child’s daily conversations are filled with “why”, “what” and “how”. This prompts your child to use their language and form simple sentences. It will still be hard to understand what your child is trying to say but overtime you will learn and be able to translate for others.

Two-year-old children are working hard at their problem solving skills. They often will use a “trial and error” method to figure things out. Part of this process involves children using all their senses and exploring unfamiliar objects and situations. At this age the children are building the fundamentals for writing and reading. We work with children daily to develop these skills, by reading stories, listening to books on tape. We encourage the children to “read alone”, this entails them looking through books independently, familiarizes themselves with the pictures on the page. Children during this year will do a lot of scribbling pretty much anywhere they can. These are the children’s first attempts at the written word.

Two-year-old children are very active they have mastered several forms of movement. These include rolling, walking, running, jumping and climbing. They are working on skills such as kicking balls along with catching and throwing. They are also developing their small motor skills, by performing simple tasks like eating with utensils, opening doors, unscrewing lids..

WCDC builds on all of these skills through a variety of activities. Each day is filled with learning as your child listens to stories, sings songs, engages in art projects, expresses themselves through dramatic play, and enjoys social interactions both indoors and outdoors.