Three-year-olds make use of all five senses while learning, they learn best through play. They will make several attempts to complete a task. They are able to focus more on what they are attempting to accomplish and tune out distractions.

Your child’s vocabulary is large and they are constantly learning new words. They have made great strides with pronunciation and can even put together sentences. It is around this age when your child will initiate conversation. We use the children’s interests to begin individual as well as group conversations.

Children at this by age will also start to notice print in the world around them. This helps them to develop their writing skills. They will start out as scribbles and over time appear more like letters. We provide children with writing opportunities in all areas of play, by simply hanging a clip board with paper and pencil in the dramatic play area children can “write down orders” as they are playing. We begin working with children at this age on logical reasoning skills. We have puzzles, sorting games, matching games and sequencing activities. The children are able to sort like items and explain why the items are different from one another. Three-year-olds are much steadier on their feet. They carry out task like running & climbing with ease. They have also developed enough hand eye coordination that they can catch a ball using their bodies and two hands. Three-year-olds are also gaining control over their small muscles, this allows them to use crayons and put together simple puzzles.

Many children this age still like the comfort of a familiar adult nearby for a sense of security but they are more independent. These children are starting to build friendships and are able to play and interact with others around them. At WCDC, early learning for 3 to 4 year olds includes alphabet and number recognition, reading, handwriting, problem solving, arts and crafts, and refining hand-eye coordination.