Language, exploration, independence and an abundance of energy all describe the growing four-year old.

Your child’s language is growing at rapid speeds, using new words spoken in complete sentences. We encourage active expression using and defining new words to ensure your child’s is capable of enjoying longer conversations about their needs and experiences.

Your four-year old is enthusiastically willing and able to ‘help’ and be ‘productive’.  The staff at WCDC embraces and encourages this exploration of self-sufficiency be offering your child the opportunity to be ‘classroom helpers’.

It seems as though your child has endless amounts of energy. Four-year olds spend a great amount of their time being active, mastering jumping, hopping, climbing, skipping and marching.  They are learning other motor skills including throwing, catching and kicking a ball. We provide for, and encourage a number of active play opportunities throughout the day to ensure your child is well-exercised and developing their motor skills.

Curiosity seems to really set in at this age. We provide children with a variety of activities that will encourage them to explore new situations and experiences.  These activities can vary from classroom games, field trips to science projects.

Children are learning that we all react differently to situations. They will start to show signs of sympathy and empathy to those who are hurt or sad. They can also better manage their own emotions much better; some children will even develop coping mechanisms to deal with a difficult situation.

An important aspect at this age is the gentle guidance needed to introduce socialization concepts.  We help your child learn how to play with other children and deal with issues that may arise in a positive, productive manner.  The staff at WCDC is practiced and experienced in helping children relate to one another and to express their feelings appropriately, and timely.

This is a crucial time in a child’s development.  they are learning and communicating on many levels and we ensure a well-rounded development opportunity.