Infants change so much in the first year of life. They need a sense of safety and security to learn and grow. We understand the need for consistency so we adapt our daily routine to fit what your child’s needs.

During their first year, infants start to understand and retain information, and at around 5 months, recognize and show preferences for their loved ones. This also means that your child may show signs of “stranger anxiety” meaning they aren’t very comfortable with new people. This fades over time, and we support this transition by creating a loving environment in which they may feel safe. An infant’s appearance seems to change daily. They usually triple their birth weight by the time they have their first birthday. This is only one of many physical changes your child will experience this year. They will advance from lying down to standing before you know it.

The WCDC provides a nurturing environment for infants through 12 months, ensures our babies are cozy, safe and happy. We encourage them to be active every day, to explore the world around them and to interact with others as we sing, tell stories, and explore colors, textures and sounds.