Turning one is a rite of passage but along with this developmental milestone comes a bit of confusion. Toddlers have developed enough to have their own ideas and wants; however their bodies and emotions still need time to catch up. For this reason we focus much of our attention on helping children to recognize and manage their feelings.

Everything is new and interesting to one-year-olds. They use all five senses to explore their surroundings. You will notice that once a toddler completes a basic task they will find such joy in this they will want to repeat it time and time again.

Over the next year your child’s language skills will typically progress from grunting and hand gestures to speaking single words and a few word combinations. Toddlers learn language from their environment they absorb everything they hear and this helps them to build on their own vocabulary skills. Toddlers also build these skills from books that have simple pictures or books with familiar or related items. We are a very literacy rich center and work daily on language skills.

Toddlers are discovering their creative abilities. WCDC believes in a “process vs product” approach to art. This simply means that we allow the children to be as creative as they wish, the end result may look nothing like we anticipated but it is the discovery process for the child that really matters.

One of the largest areas of development for one-year-old children is the physical development. Toddlers usually advance from crawling to walking and then running in this year. They tend to be very clumsy and falls are very frequent but this is all a part of the developmental process. We use toys that allow children to push and pull; we also use music as a teaching tool. The music entices children to move and play throughout the day.