Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord...Indeed, the body does not consist of one member but of many.

1 Corinthians 12-14

Serving and Leading Together

As a Presbyterian Church, our leadership structure includes both staff and congregational members. Elders and deacons serve as representatives for the congregation, based on the form of government portrayed in Acts 15 and I Timothy 5:17-22. 

Elders sit on the Session, the governing board of the church that includes pastoral and program staff. Elders are nominated and chosen for their wisdom and maturity of faith, serving the life of the congregation as a whole.

Deacons reflect the heart and service of Christ in their care for those in need. Deacons provide compassion, witness, and service to the church.

Current Elders

  • Elder for Adult Faith Formation: Kyle Kooyers
  • Elder for Camp Henry: Tom Macholan
  • Elder for Children’s Ministries: Tim Born
  • Elder for Family Ministries: Marian Vander Wal
  • Elder for Membership Growth and Development: John Nienhuis
  • Elder for Mission Partnerships: Joel Shultze
  • Elder for Music: John Schlafley
  • Elder for Nominating: Carol Lautenbach
  • Elder for Older Adults: Karen Meyers
  • Elder for Personnel: Julia de Jonge
  • Elder for Social Justice: Jeanne DeWaard
  • Elder for Stewardship: Cheryl Bremer
  • Elder for Worship: Peter Larson
  • Elder for Youth: Geoff Miller
Kyle pouring communion cup

Current Deacons

Administrative Deacons

  • Aaron Huntington
  • Eric Lanning
  • Deb Toering
  • Linda Bieze
  • Ken Kuiper
  • Deb Mellentine
  • Sharon VanderWhilp
  • Larry Hollenbeck
  • Missy Patterson
  • Sarah Schantz

Caring Deacons

  • Diane Bartosewicz
  • Joel Fortuna
  • Patti Haist
  • Elizabeth Helm
  • Betsy Kratt
  • Scott Koop
  • Sharon Slager
  • Deb Fliestra
  • Barbara Kindschi
  • Kathy Speeter

Supporting Deacons

  • Tad Hankins
  • Josh Leckrone
  • Mary Dirkse
  • Jack Boss
  • Mavis Bottenhorn
  • Sue Bylsma
  • Daryl Fischer
  • Randy Flood
  • Carol Greenburg
  • Merritt Delano-Taylor
  • Anna Barth
  • Heidi Driscol
  • Sharon VanHaven
  • Robin Ripmaster
  • Mary DeJonge
  • John Baker