Mental Health Referral Panel

The Mental Health Referral Panel

This booklet is intended to be an extension of our pastoral care at Westminster. We intend this list of professionals to be a means by which we can extend the safety of Westminster’s heart beyond the bounds of the congregation. The practitioners listed in the panel were discovered and vetted through a faithful committee’s suggestions and a subsequent interview process with them and the Pastoral Care Team. We are deeply grateful for the work of that committee and thank them here for their generous support of pastoral care: Jim Bottenhorn, Philip Gibson, Julia de Jonge, Suzann Ogland-Hand, Nancy Taylor, Larry Slager, and Mark Mosby.

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The Barbara Molhoek–Callum McPheeters Fund for Mental and Spiritual Health

The story of a son and the story of a father and the story of two tragedies are behind the creation of this new fund. In 2010, Barbara Moelhoek died by suicide. Her son, John, said that his mother would have been so pleased to know that we are now helping to provide the kind of therapeutic help that she could have used. John has very generously provided the first gift to underwrite the costs of therapy through our Mental Health Referral Panel for those who cannot afford it. The inspiration for the Panel itself came through the life and death of Callum McPheeters in 2012, who was born with severe birth defects and survived for only nineteen days. When his father, Scott, sought counseling after Callum’s death, his experience with the therapist was anything but healing. When Scott came to our former senior pastor to report his experience and asked for a good referral, the idea for the MHR Panel was born. We honor both Barbara’s life and Callum’s life in the name and with the creation of this fund.

The Westminster Pastoral Care Team

Introduction to the Molhoek-McPheeters Fund by John Molhoek.