Children’s Ministries

Infant being held in the nursery

Children are a vital part of the church community. No matter how young, all of God’s children belong in singing, praying, and praising during worship! Children’s worship time includes music, play, learning, and acts of service. For more information on children’s choirs, see our music page.

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Children's Worship Resources and Program News

The Second Sunday of Easter

Children’s Worship on April 11, 2021 | Based on the Book of Matthew, Chapter 28 | Westminster enjoys worshipping as

Happy Easter spelled with Scrabble pieces

Easter Children’s Worship

Children’s Worship on April 4, 2021 | Based on the Book of John, Chapter Twenty | Westminster enjoys worshipping as

Palm leaf

Palm/Passion Sunday

Children’s Worship on March 28, 2021 | Based on the Book of John, Chapter Twelve | Westminster enjoys worshipping as

Children's Worship by Age

Westminster Nursery: Infants and Toddlers

If you were just born or are not quite old enough for the Nurturing Center, you will be welcome, safe and snug with your nursery caregivers. You may choose stories, riding and climbing toys, a slide, puzzles, or choose to be rocked. The Nursery is open 8:15am to 12:15pm and is staffed by a supervisor and two paid caregivers. Each week one or two parents or other congregational members take turns volunteering as “extra hands” under the supervision of the staff.

Baby being held in Nursery
Children setting-up scripture scene in sandbox in Worship Center

Nurturing Center: Ages Three and Four

The Nurturing Center is the place you’ll love. You’ll hear a short story, pray and sing together, and take part in supervised play and response time. You may enjoy arts and craft activities related to the story, hear stories, and play with puzzles, felt figures, building blocks, trains, and cars.

Worship Centers: Age Five Through Second Grade

The Worship Centers are the places you’ll want to be.  You’ll be able to take part in the storytelling process as you hear and see a story from the Bible and respond to the story through activities of your choice. The Worship Center will help you learn the flow and acts of worship in a way that invites interaction and movement. These Centers are offered each Sunday morning during the worship services. They meet all year long, with some variation in format during the summer months.

From 9:40 to 10:50am each Sunday, teachers await you with experiences that give you a chance to dig into the Bible, perform costumed dramas, create artwork, act out scenarios, play games, listen to storytellers, dance, and sing. Enjoy the drama room, the art room, the storytelling room, and the gym! You study one story or set of events per month, approaching the story from a slightly different perspective in each venue. These stories and activities help you discover how God’s story relates to your life and how you belong in the community of God’s children.

Children having supper together during children's worship

Sanctuary Worship: Third Grade

When you reach third grade, you are part of the gathered community throughout the worship service. Third grade is a special year because you will be able to participate in a worship seminar, receive your own Bible from the church family, and may take a role in leading worship if desired. You will also find worship notebooks and special bulletins in the narthex to use during the worship service.