All Ages

Everyone is Welcome

That’s right, everyone. Sometimes when we say “family” people think we mean a particular family. But we mean everyone—a family of one, a family of many, a family in their seventies, a family with two moms or two dads, or a chosen family.

At Westminster, we believe in intergenerational ministry as time among many generations is rich for us all. We are called to take seriously what every age and stage has to offer and contribute—God is in us all. We gather with all ages throughout the year.

Westminster at Camp Henry

I love meal times—my pre-teens are across the room having a blast with other kids and camp staff. My little one sits with me, included in the conversation with whichever couples I sat down with for this meal. Conversation is so rich and varied.

—Rev. Jen Porter

My husband and I have been to camp for a few years now. We spend the afternoon free time exploring the trails, sitting along the waterfront reading and talking, or heading out on Lake Kimball in a kayak. We've enjoyed spending time with our friends from church and look forward to bringing our grandchildren.

—Daryl Fischer

What to expect at Camp

Every Labor Day weekend, you are invited to spend a long weekend enjoying nature at Camp Henry in Newaygo. This time deepens relationships across all ages and nurtures conversations around our evolving lives of faith. 

In the morning we gather for worship and faith conversations; we spend the afternoon resting, relaxing, playing, and participating in camp activities. In the evening we join together for a large group activity.

Camp accommodations range from cabins for a single family, multiple singles, or multiple families all together. Accommodations also include a number of small, comfortable apartments.

Sunday morning, the Westminster choir and congregation joins for open air worship. 

Camp Themes

Camp2017 Loving God, Loving Others
Camp2018 All Things Renew
Camp2019 With Intention
Camp2020 Ahh, COVID-19

All Church Events

These events include anyone and everyone! Every year, you can join the Valentine’s Day Event, the Walk for Good Food, the Camp Retreat at Camp Henry, the Advent Event, and other events that arise. You belong in this community as we share, serve, learn, and have fun together. 


Christmas Eve Pageant

Walk for Good Food

Advent Calendars